2022 Safety Requirements 

1. Drivers must wear approved safety helmets. Helmets must meet the specifications set forth in Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Regulations or American National Standards Institute Inc., or SFI.

2. Driver fire suits are mandatory. Fire retardant gloves, shoes, and neck protection are required.

3. Five-point seat harness required. Must be mounted to the roll cage. Belts must be in good condition and no older than (4) years from date of manufacture. Safety belts and straps must be used at all times while on track.

4. No homemade seats allowed. No holes in seats or lightweight seats.

5. Quick release steering wheel. Couplers are highly recommended.

6. When a race is stopped during an event, NO ONE except speedway officials are allowed on track at any time.

7. If a wreck occurs on track, remain in the car unless a fire is present.

8. After an accident, if the driver is okay, signal by dropping the window net or raise a hand up outside the window.

9. No car is allowed on track without an ambulance present and the flagman on duty.

10. No car owner, driver, pit crew, or spectator may cross the track during practice, time trials, or race.

11. Any car deemed to be of an unsafe condition will not be allowed to run.

12. All cars must be equipped with a 2-1/2lbs fire extinguisher in reach of the driver. An additional fire extinguisher must be in the pit with the team as well.

13.  All roll bars must be padded anywhere within the driver’s reach.

14.  Cars must have an electric kill switch in the middle of the dash where the driver can reach it.


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