Showtime Speedway 202 Outlaw Figure-8

$_____FOR POINT CHAMPION must attend Banquet to receive postseason awards. 

If these rules do not say you can do it then don’t do it! All interpretations by the track are final. You are responsible to know the track’s position on all rules. IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE!

Eligibility – Cars that have been built to the Outlaw Late Model Figure 8 car construction rules of tracks that have Figure 8 racing may compete. Cars that have not competed at a track must pass a car construction and safety inspection to be eligible. No Full Factory Frame Cars Pending Approval.

A. Safety – Insurance requires that any part of this Figure 8 car that relates to the protection of the driver must not be changed from the rules and conditions under which it has raced on Figure 8. The major driver protection parts that cannot be changed include the roll cage, door bar/foot bars, side plate protection, fuel tank/cell and mounting, seat and seat belts, windshield/windshield bars, and window net as required by rules.

B. Weight – Car must weigh a minimum of 2500 pounds with driver post-race competition.

C. Tires – Cars must run the official track tire. Tires sold only at the Showtime. No products used for chemically altering tires allowed on the Showtime property. No tires can be left on the property. Violators will be penalized.

D.  Wheels – A maximum 10” wide wheel is permitted during the entire event weekend.

E.  Hood – A hood must be in place at all times.

F.   Roof –  Roof can be any style with a max. height of 62”. Safety is #1. There must be complete cockpit openings on both sides for driver escape and access for safety personal. Opening must be min. 12” in height and the length of the cockpit.

G.    Rear Spoiler –The rear spoiler can be a maximum of 43” from the ground (NO EXCEPTIONS).

H.    Sideboard Wings – The sideboard wings can be a maximum of 62” from the ground (NO EXCEPTIONS)

I.     Bumpers and Rub Bars – Front bumper is not to exceed 64” total. There can be NO exposed ends or any sharp points on any bumper/rub bars on the entire car. Ends must be capped and rounded

J.     Fuel – No fuel additives can be used.

The track reserves the right to add weight at its discretion for the fairness of competition.


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