Tech Inspection 

Unless specified during the driver’s meeting, Top 5 qualifiers and/or the top 3 finishers must report straight to Tech.

A. All cars, full or part time, must be registered and inspected prior to racing for any event.

1. An inspection schedule will be posted by class to process all the cars at the start of the season. 

2. A sticker will be applied to the upper driver-side corner of the windshield, signifying the car has been registered and inspected. Once the cycle of class inspections is complete, the sticker will be required to receive pay and points. After the sticker is applied, the car will only be subject to post-race and random inspections.

3. Anyone not complying with the inspection or inspection process will not be allowed to run. Visitors or part-time competitors will have to be registered and inspected as well.

4. It is the sole responsibility of the team to present the car for inspection in a timely fashion well in advance of any racing activity.

5 Post-race inspections will still be in effect regardless of whether or not the class has been previously registered and inspected.

B. The top 3 will undergo a post-race inspection in the Tech area after crossing the scales.

1. Cars will proceed directly to Tech for inspection after crossing the scales. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

2. No more than (2) team members being a car owner, driver, or pit crewman per team are allowed in the Tech area during a protest inspection.

3. Team members must remain by their respective cars at all times.

4. At the track’s request, positions 4 & 5 will be held for inspection if needed. The Head tech inspector will make the decision if he inspects the 4th and 5th place finishers.

5. At any point, the top (5) finishing cars in a race may be required to stop on the front straight-away directly after the feature race for tires to be durometer checked for softness, then go directly to the tech area. 

C. Any weight penalty, parity or other adjustments applied to a car by Tech can only be changed by the Tech Official that originally applied the adjustment.

1. Weight adds or penalties (total values) are to be displayed below the car weight. Weight break example: Weight adds example:

2300cc 2300cc

2200lbs 2400lbs

-100lbs +100lbs

D. Tech Officials reserve the right to make adjustments for parity on a case by case basis.

E. Cars may be randomly inspected in the pit area at the Tech Official’s discretion.

F. The track reserves the right to send any part(s) in question during a technical inspection to an outside party to determine if they conform to Showtime Speedway rules and regulations. The track also reserves the right to swap items in question with a new out of the box item. 

  1. If any part(s) must be sent to an outside party to determine if it complies with Showtime Speedway rules and regulations, those positions will not be paid until items have been deemed legal.

F. The decisions of the Tech Officials on the interpretation of rules will be final.

G. For any question on technical rules, criteria, intent, or even reviewing a car from another speedway for use in an event, contact a Tech Official directly. Your fellow competitors, spectators, or other Speedway Officials cannot advise in this area.


The following penalties will be issued (but not limited to) to ANY Competitor found illegal during post-race tech inspection.


1. Disqualification from qualifying, resulting in 0 points and start at the rear of the race. 


  1. All points and money earned that night will be forfeited.
  2. Upon returning to the competition, you must go thru Tech to prove the infraction has been corrected before the competition.
  3. Will start SCRATCH in the Heat and Feature of the next regularly scheduled event that you compete in.
  4. A second offense will result in forfeiting ALL points accumulated for the current racing season.

Tire Soaking

If you are caught soaking tires you will be fined $250 and must start in the rear for the next to events you attend. 


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