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2019 Mini Stock Rules

Must attend banquet to receive post season awards.

Any front wheel drive 4 cylinder import or domestic car. No convertibles.

VIN # must be attached to the car and data link connector must be available and communicate with a scan tool. Engine size and year must be on hood.

NO competitive engine control modules.

VTEC and Ecotec cars allowed. VTEC solenoid must be disconnected

Nissans must disconnect the variable timing wire.

No Mazda rotary engines

No turbo or super charged engines

Compression ratio for engine used .2 allowed for carbon

Engine must remain stock, if rebuilt must use stock replacement parts

No racing bearings, rings, pistons, or ECT. No excessive shaving of heads allowed, zero deck pistons

Cold air intakes are allowed

Exhaust must exit past driver compartment and have a muffler.

No gutting allowed except for doors, hood, trunk lid.

4 point cage, 1 ¾ tubing with .095 wall thickness, with door bars extending all the way to the drivers door. Drivers door bars must be plated with 1/16” plate steel (mandatory)

May install front support bars for safety. May install rear bars down to rear struts and to rear sub frame for safety.

Aluminum racing seat and 5 point racing seat belts are mandatory.

Lexan windshield required no glass in car at all, Window net on drivers door is mandatory. Removeable steering wheel recommended.

No mirrors/ radios allowed

On/off battery switch properly labeled (mandatory) must be mounted behind driver with easy access from quarter window. Battery can be re located behind driver, must be secured and covered.

Fully functional and charged fire extinguisher mandatory.

Fire suit, helmet, racing gloves, shoes, and head and neck restraint mandatory.

Drive train and suspension OEM only, no cut or shaved springs. No heated springs, must be same spring rate side to side when checked. No bump stops allowed.

Tires- with a tread wear rating of 200 or higher only. All four tires must be same size, 60 series minimal any car can run. No cutting, shaving or soaking of tires allowed.

Wheels- stock OEM wheels same offset all 4, racing wheels allowed, max back space 3 ½ inch all 4 (75 lb weight penalty for racing wheels) mounted to right rear

Ride height must remain at 6 inches frame and body with driver.

Camber RF -4 degrees max, RR 0 to -1 degrees max both rears must match, LF +1 to -4 degrees max

Total minimum weight: cars under 2.0 liters 1900lbs, 2.0 liters 2200lbs, VTEC/Ecotec 2300lbs 2.4 liter and higher 2350lbs.

Dodge neons 53% left side, Vtec/Ecotec/Nissan spec V 52% left side, all other 55% left side.

No lead weight in front of driver, track reserves the right to add weight to individual cars to preserve competition.

Must have repair manual with complete specs for your engine and car at all times. VIN plate must match engine being used.

No light weight or custom parts in transmission, must run stock steel flywheel and clutch, no racing components allowed, no aluminum flywheels allowed. No grinding or excessive surfacing on flywheel. Positraction and welded differentials allowed with 50lb penalty, location right rear trunk floor. Transmission for year make and model only.

Must retain all structure. original fenders, hoods, trunks, and roofs mandatory. To keep cars looking good you may make door skins and quarter skins.

Non- computerized cars may run 350 CFM carb. Max

Stock computers only, rev limiters will be checked with scan tool. Set to max for manufacturer only.

No altering of engine parts allowed, must retain all factory part numbers.

Stock or polyurethane bushings only. No steel/solid bushings allowed. Motor or suspension.

In an effort to equalize competition we will revise the computer claiming rule to as follows:

  1. Claiming the computer within the same manufacturer (ex. Dodge to dodge, honda to honda, etc.) will be $50.00 and exchange.
  2. Claiming the computer outside the manufacturer (ex. Dodge to honda) will be an outright buy at $75.00 no exchange.
  3. Showtime Speedway reserves the right to claim or swap any computer in competition that night.
  4. Driver or registered car owner competing in that nights events are the only ones e4lligible to file a claim.
  5. Claim must be done in writing with cash and presented to the head tech official in charge. No other official may accept a filed claim.
  6. Claiming driver must be on the lead lap to file a claim.
  7. You can only file a claim on a car finishing ahead of you.
  8. The driver of the car being claimed will be the sole spokesperson of record and the first acceptance or refusal to sell in binding.
  9. Buddy claims may result in all parties being disqualified and/or suspended and loss of points.
  10. Competitor will surrender his/her computer for the above said fees or be disqualified for the night, lose points for that event and start in the rear for the next two races. The second time the competitor refuses to surrender their computer they will be disqualified for that night, lose all points for that event, suspended for 2 weeks and start in the rear for the next 3 race events that he/she competes upon their return. The third time the competitor refuses to surrender their computer they will be disqualified for the night, lose all points for that event and suspended for 3 months.

Cars that were manufactured with automatic transmissions may change over to a manual shift set up. You must use all of the components from the manual swap.

Mounting tabs may be manufactured but must be located in stock OEM location with stock mounts.



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