2024  Mike’s Auto Body Of Clearwater Street Stocks (Pure Stocks) 

Points Awards – 1st place – $1000- Must run sponsor sticker on car and attend Awards Banquet to receive post season awards.

1. Cars. Any American made car with a minimum wheelbase of 101 from factory. Wheelbase may not be altered. 1” tolerance for adjustment. Body must be stock appearing for chassis or tech approved.

2. Cars Weight. All cars will weigh a min. of 3300 lbs. Max left side with driver – coil spring 58%. Leaf spring 55%. This may change with the competition. 100 lb weight break for 4412 (Must past go-no go gauges). 25 lb weight break for standard flywheel weighing 25 lbs. or more. Minimum flywheel weight 15 lbs.

BALLAST MAY BE ADDED AND MUST BE PAINTED WHITE WITH CAR NUMBER ON EACH PIECE.  All weights, weight mounting brackets and/or plates as well as the bolts they are mounted with must adhere to the 6″ frame & body ride height rule. Any weights and/or the materials & hardware used to mount them that do not meet the 6″ rule will result in disqualification. Any lost or loose weight will result in automatic disqualification.

3. Body. STOCK APPEARING STEEL BODY ONLY FOR CHASSIS BEING USED. Must retain stock roof A and B post. Must retain stock hood and trunk may be gutted but must retain stock floor pan and firewall for car being used.

Hood must seal to windshield or cowl. No functioning hood scoops or cowl induction. Hoods must seal to windshield.  Fiberglass hoods are permitted, NO aluminum hoods.

May use 22-gauge steel minimum to skin doors, fenders & quarter panels. Must be stock in appearance. Rear deck & quarter panels must have natural downward slope from the back window down towards the rear bumper. No slab sides. Door must mount to rocker. No filler panel. All holes in driver compartment must be sealed with steel patch panels.

May remove rear floor to just behind B post of body, and Rear firewall but must have 22 gage steel firewall sealed tight separating driver from fuel cell. May box it in behind driver.

All cars must have full clear Lexan windshield.

Body must mount in stock location on frame, no sliding or shifting. A -post mounting in correct frame hole both left and right.

Hood must have a min of 2 pins in front and 2 in back.

Trunk lid must have 2 pins and 2 hinges or four pins. 6″ x 60″ spoiler maximum with no bracing. No spoiler side boards. Camaros may use unaltered OEM spoiler but cannot use any combination of the two spoiler options.

Fabricated steel stock appearing trunk lid ok.  No aluminum deck lids.

May run 1” rub rail welded against body with capped ends, clean welds, no tire cutters.

4. Bumpers. May run pipe bumpers maximum of 1 ¾ OD .95 wall, square tubing or stock bumper for car must be mounted in stock location with chain rapped & welded to frame. Min bumper height 17 to max 19. Must have round corners and turn back into chassis. No open ends must be caped.  Bumpers must not be no further out than 6 inches from the front frame horns. Bumpers need to be within 1/2 of tread width. Welds must be clean & ground, no tire cutters.

5. Chassis & Suspension. All suspension parts must be stock for the year make and model of car being used in stock location. A frame bolts may be changed for camber ADJ.  May replace bushings with polyurethane or steel. No offset bushings. May use stock replacement offset upper control arm shaft.  All bushings must be in good working order with no slop.  No Loose bushings.

Coil spring must be a minimum of 8 inches but must fit in stock location without alteration of bucket. No spring rubbers or Gobblers allowed.  NO coil bound springs or collapsed springs. All springs must be symmetrical from top to bottom.

May use adjustable bucket but must have to be removed to be adjusted.

Leaf springs, stock multi leaf only. May use lowering blocks and multi hole rear shackles for adjustment.

Sway bar must be stock for car being used. Max 1 3/8 Inch diameter.  No rear sway bars.  No aftermarket sway bars. Swaybar may only be adjustable at the left lower A frame.

All front and rear suspension & steering components must remain stock for year make & model . All suspension parts must match frame. No altering of suspension allowed. Stock passenger car spindles and hubs only. May run Coleman steel aftermarket hub and 360-degree rotor.  No lightening, no holes and no slots on rotor.  No lightening or grinding of any suspension part allowed. No steering quickeners allowed. Stock steering components to include but not limited to drag link and stock length tie rod ends. No interchange of unibody, midsize metric, and big metric/steering parts. Spindles, rotors, calipers, and bottom A-frames must match chassis being used. Steel lower A frame bushings are allowed. The hole must be in the center of the bushings.

Shock absorbers must be mounted on the stock upper and lower mounts. No modifications allowed on shock mounts, and mounts must be in stock locations. No tie rod end, heim end or aluminum shocks allowed. One shock per wheel for a total of 4 shocks per car. No coil over shocks allowed. One 1″ spacer on the left rear shock only. Spacer must be placed between frame & top shock mount. No other spacers of any kind allowed. Shocks must be all steel body, non-rebuildable & non-adjustable. No remote or external canister type of shocks allowed. No aluminum gland nuts or shafts. ABSOLUTELY NO ALUMINUM OF ANY KIND! No bulb tops. No Schrader or bladder style valves allowed. Must use stock type shock ends top and bottom. Front half of shocks can be covered. Must be over the counter shock’s no Custom-built Shocks. All shocks numbers need to be legible. Ground off or altered part numbers will be disqualified.

 Claimer Rule $200.00 claimer for four (4) shocks or $50.00 per shock after race and swap Shock. Must be on lead lap and be running in a lower position then the car you are claiming. You must take your shock off the raced car in tech and swap. If you go to your pits first Claim will not be allowed. Swap is also for the same position of shock on each car.


6. Engine.  Must be same manufacturer as car being used, mounted in stock location. Maximum cubic inch 362. Stock stroke crankshaft for engine being used max over bore .060. No titanium engine parts.


602 Crate engine must follow the Gm Performance parts Technical Manual. If it is not listed don’t do it unless you have spoken to tech and have your rule book signed and carry with you to tech. A tech bulletin will then follow for all racers to see the clarification or change.

602 is totally by the GM manual, repairs etc. no exceptions.

602 may use PAC pt# 1210x with no shims under springs. PAC valve spring pt# 1210x must measure 87 lbs @ 1.700″ and 212 lbs @ 1.270″ at all times when checked or they will be deemed illegal. May shim original GM 602 valve springs to obtain PAC pt# 1210x measurements and will be deemed illegal if they exceed these measurements.

MAY PROTEST AND $500.00 PAID TO TECH WITHIN 10 MINUTES OF RACE COMPLETION (NO EXCEPTION) Must finish on the lead lap. Tech discretion


7.Crankshaft. Stock production or OEM stock replacement 50lbs. min. balancing permitted by drilling holes, no grinding. No knife edge, bullnose, or pendulum cut crankshafts permitted. No polishing on crankshaft.

8.Rods. Stock production rods or aftermarket stock replacement.  OEM length for engine being used only. May be floating pin & may be bushed. Any rod bolt or cap screw ok. No high performance rods. Grinding on rods for balancing only, No polishing on rods

9. Piston. Stock production or stock replacement must be same configuration as stock cast or forged GM must have 4 eyebrow flat top No fly cutting. Floating pins OK.

10. Cam. Hydraulic flat tapped cam only. Maximum lift .450 theoretical lift for ALL ENGINES. Checked at push rod or cam lobe times the rocker ratio. Rocker must remain stock for engine GM 1.5, Ford 1.6, Mopar 1.5. No short travel lifters.

11. Heads.  Stock production OEM cast Iron cylinder head for engine being used.

No Vortec, No Mix Matching – GM 350 heads on 350. 305 on 305 no less than 63 CC’s on 350. Max compression ratio 10 to 1.

Ford 351 heads on 351. 302 on 302 max compression ratio 10 to 1.

Mopar 360 heads on 360. 318 on 318 max compression ratio 10 to 1

No angle milling, No porting or polishing, No gasket matching, No grinding of any kind. Must retain factory valve angle plus or minus 1 degree.

May have 3 angle valve job, no angle greater than 75 degrees. May run screw in studs, must be stock size. No epoxy, paint or coatings of any kind allowed in exhaust or intake ports of head.

Guide plates OK. Bronze guides or liners ok.

Must use stock valve size for head used. 1.94 intake, 1.50 exhaust, max valve size. No angle plug heads.

Valve spring must be stock size and symmetrical from top to bottom 1.270” diameter. Spring seat valve pressure closed 120lbs. max.

No aftermarket heads are allowed.

Stock diameter push rods only. May be any length.

12. Intake manifold. Stock OEM cast iron, No porting or polishing or port matching. No bowties or marine intakes. No epoxy, paint or coatings of any kind allowed inside intake manifold plenum or ports. May use Edelbrock RPM Performer – (GM 7101, 7104, 2101, 2701, 3701), (Ford 7121), (Mopar 7176)

13. Motor mounts. MUST BE STOCK CONFIGURATION FOR CAR BEING USED. Can be bolted together, chained, steel fabricated with engine located in exact stock location. No tolerance.

14. Carburetor. Built engines may run stock Holley 4412 500 CFM 2 bbl or Quadrajet. Crate engine may run stock Holley 4412 500 cfm 2bbl, Holley 650 pt# 80541-1 or Quadrajet. No modifications except as specified. May remove choke plate & shaft. May change jets & power valve. All Holley carburetors must pass go-no-go gauges. No Holley XP carburetors.

May use any adapter from carb to intake manifold with maximum thickness of 1.625″ including gaskets.

100 lb weight break for Holley 4412 500 CFM 2bbl.

15. Cooling. Electric fan OK. Aluminum water pump ok. Must be belt driven by crankshaft only.

16. Exhaust. Stock OEM cast iron manifold or chassis headers (down under headers) with max of 3” exhaust pipe throughout. Collector must exit parallel to the ground and all exhaust must exit behind the back of driver’s seat.  Must be securely fastened under car. No X pipes, No H pipes. Mufflers required.

17. Transmissions. Stock automatic transmission with all working gears, Must have all stock parts, No lightweight parts.

Fully working torque converter min 10” diameter. No lock up converters, No power glides.

May run 3 or 4 speed manual transmission. Must have all working gears. No 5 or 6 speed transmissions. No gun drilled shafts or lightened internals parts.

Stock clutch & clutch disk. Stock replacement solid hub clutch disc ok. Clutch material must be full circle. No paddle type discs.

L88 flywheel ok. 15 lb minimum. 25 lb weight break for flywheel 25 lbs or more.

Must have some kind of working shifter, NO push pull rods.

18. Wheels and tires. Racing wheels 15 x 8, may run any combination of 2, 3, and 4 offset wheels are permitted.

Only Hoosier Showtime Comanche 7.90 treaded tires may be run at our track. No wheel spacers.

19. Rear End. Must be stock for year make & model of car being used. May be lock. No limited slip, No full spools. Moser Axles allowed. C-clip eliminators ok.

20. Brakes. Must have all 4 wheel working brakes. Stock pedal & master cylinder, may remove factory proportioning valve. No aftermarket brake bias.  NO aluminum drums or parts anywhere in the system. Rear disc brakes only allowed on cars that were manufactured without a rear drum brake option and must be 100% factory stock. Must be inspected and Approved by tech. All other cars must run drum brakes. May use Ultra-cool 1/8″ thick steel brake cooling fan. One per wheel.

21. Ignition.  12-volt battery only, must be mounted in driver compartment behind driver’s seat, but must be mounted securely & in a box with a lid. Stock OEM distributor, no high-performance parts. No MSD coils or printed circuit board modules. Built engines may lock distributor. Crate engines must stock OEM distributor as it came from GM. MSD rev limiter PT #MSD8727 CT Digital Soft-Limiter Ok. Rev limiter must be mounted out of drivers reach and can only be powered up or disabled by the battery master switch, ignition switch that supplies power to distributor or physically terminating the connection between the rev limiter and distributor. All crate engines using rev limiter must be set at 6300 rpm’s. The use of any other rev limiter must be approved by tech and all other rev limiter rules will apply.

Alternators okay, Must have master cut off switch clearly marked and easily accessible.

22. Fuel.  Fuel cell mandatory maximum 22 gal, Must be mounted in steel can. Minimum of 22 gauge.

Must have a 1 ½ fuel cell loop protecting cell from being hit by other cars. Fuel cell must have 10-inch ground clearance.

23. Safety/ Roll cage.  Roll cage must be constructed of min 1 ¾   .095 wall round steel tubing, full four post roll cage, must have a min of four (4) door bars on driver side, & three (3) on passenger side & must extend out to door skin. ALUMINUM racing seat mounted to roll cage, racing seat belts ( See Safety rules). Recommended driver’s side door bars be plated with 1/16-inch steel plate (11 Gauge) or thicker.

May mount radiator directly to frame, may use round tubing to protect it.

Drive shaft loops (2) mandatory,  12 inches from each u joint,  drive shaft must be painted white.

Mirrors ok. No cell phones or other communication devices other than mandated Raceceiver.

Any deviation of rules, or cars from other tracks may be disqualified or be allowed to race with a weight penalty of 50 to 300 lbs to be located at techs discretion in the interest of fair completion. Any car may be assessed a weight penalty at any time or left side weight adjusted in the interest of fair competition.




The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM THE PUBLICATION OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended entirely as a guide for the conduct of the sport and in no way guarantee against injury or death to any participant, spectator or official. The race director or Head Tech Inspector shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in their opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATIONS OR DEVIATIONS. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials and is final and binding. On occasion when situations arise that are not covered by written rules herein, special rulings may be put into effect by the track officials. Once such rulings are acted upon, they may become an act of policy and will be added to the existing rules of procedures.

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