2021 Lineup and Point Procedures


A. All drivers are to be registered one hour before the race event start time. Any driver that fails to register will start at the rear of their first race in the event. No exceptions.

B. Pull pill is completed electronically, with pills 1 to 40 via MyRacePass.

C. Heat Race Line Ups – All heat race lineups are determined by pull pill. ** Drivers who routinely do not take their spot in the heat race and choose to elect to the rear will lose the right to pull a pill.
1. The number of entries determines the number of heat races
a. 10 entries or less – 1 heat
b. 11 to 20 entries – 2 heats
c. 21 or more entries – Heat races scheduled per every 10 entries.

D. TIME TRIALS SYSTEM- (promoter’s option) In the event a promoter
requests time trials in place of heat races, no qualifying order is used, but failure to be in staging for qualifying, race management has the right to reduce the number of laps or refuse the right to qualify.

E. Pro 8 Feature Winners will start 12th the following week.

F. Feature lineups – Lineups are determined by pull pill.
1. Winner of 1st Heat will go to the office to pull a pill. Failure to pull a pill will result in a penalty. See below

2. Number of pills for pull pill
a. 13 or less cars. Pills 3 and 4 will be utilized to start Feature lineup inversion and apply to rows, not cars. Failure to pull a pill will result in 4-row inversion, the driver starting 9th place, and the inside row moving up.
b. 14 to 20 entries – pills 3, 4, and 5 will be utilized to start Feature lineup inversion and apply to rows, not cars. Failure to pull a pill will result in 5-row inversion, the driver starting 11th place, and the inside row moving up.
c. 21 and more entries – pills 4,5 and 6 will be utilized to start Feature lineup inversion and apply to rows, not cars. Failure to pull a pill will result in 6-row inversion.
d. For events where qualifying is used, the pull pill will be determined by race management.
e. Race management has the right to add pills 1 and 2 at any time if drivers are intentionally finishing heat races in 3rd or 4th place.
f. Under 8 cars, all rows will be inverted.

1. Determining Rows
a. Heat 1 will start on the inside row.
b. Heat 2 will start on the outside row.
c. If only one heat, an odd finishing spot will start on the inside, and an even finishing spot will be outside.
d. If there are three and more heats races, heat 1 and heat 2 winner will be row 1, heat 3/ 4 winner be row 2. If only 3 heats, heat 1 2nd place will be outside row 2. etc.
1. Drivers who win two or more weeks in a row will start 12th with their row moving up.
1. Drivers who are disqualified post-race by tech, or drivers qualified for unsportsmanlike conduct during the race/post-race, will start at the rear for their next feature.
F. “B” MAIN (if necessary)- If a car count above twenty four (24) signs in for a given event, it may be required to run a “B” Main to fill out the field. The “B” Main will receive no points or money for this race, but the top (TBD) finishers will transfer to the A-Main


GREEN: Start / restart race
BLUE w/ YELLOW STRIPE: Passing or move over. This will be displayed to cars that are being lapped. MOVE TO BOTTOM LANE.
YELLOW: Caution, pace lap speed, single file. Hold position, no passing.
RED: Danger, race is stopped immediately.
BLACK: Pull off track for consultation.
WHITE: One lap to go.
CHECKERED: End of race.

1. On a red flag, cars must stop as soon and safely as possible. Any cars not confirming to the red flag are subject to DQ. Cars that enter the pits will go to the rear of the field when racing resumes.

2. Cars do not race back to the caution, if the white flag has been displayed you will come to a checkered as long as the leaders can get back to the checkered flag; if the yellow is needed to be displayed on the white, we will restart with a Green/White/Checkered. We will make two attempts at the Green/White/Checkered. No Green/White/Checkered for heat races.
2A. There will be 1 attempt at a double-file restart on Green/White/Checkered, and then 1 single-file restart if we do not have a completed race. There will be no 3rd attempt.

3. If a caution occurs, the order in which the car crosses the start/finish line on the last completed lap will set the restart line-up. If there is a yellow before the first lap is completed, there will be one attempt at a complete restart with all cars returning to their original starting position, this is at discretion of speedway management. A second yellow will result in the ALL Involved rule.

4. Any driver that refuses to go to the rear or change any position as directed will be penalized one lap.

5. Any car receiving the black flag will immediately exit the track. If this car does not exit after two laps, any further laps made will not be scored until the black flag is acknowledged.

6. If the checkered flag is thrown inadvertently, the race is over and considered final.

Time Trails and Heat Races
Finish Points Double Points
1st 6 12
2nd 5 10
3rd 4 8
4th 3 6
5th 2 4
6th-Field 1 2

Finish Points Double Points
1st 25 50
2nd 23 46
3rd 22 44
4th 21 42
5th 20 40
6th 19 38
7th 18 36
8th 17 34
9th 16 32
10th 15 30
11th 14 28
12th 13 26
13th 12 24
14th 11 22
15th 10 20
16th 9 18
17th 8 16
18th 7 14
19th 6 12
20th – 5 10 through the field.


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