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Crown Vic Figure 8 Division Rules (updated 7/12/23)

Computer Claimer rule $125 (Not exchange that is out right)


Points Fund – ($1000 TBD how its split) for Oval class, $500 For 1st Place Figure 8 – Must run the class sticker and attend awards banquet to receive post season awards.


SPIRIT OF THE RULES – The creation of an affordable, entry-level way to enter stockcar oval and figure 8 racing. Keeping the cars very stock is the priority. Changes not listed in these rules are NOT allowed. No Phones or Communication Devices in car

Please see General Rules for Safety Requirements, Car Number Number Placement, and Tech Rules

If these rules do not say you can do it, then don’t do it! All interpretations by the track are final.

Only the Ford Crown Vic, Mercury Grand Marquis, or Lincoln Town Car 1995 and newer.


A. The Engine must remain an entirely stock 4.6L SOHC engine. The Manifold and Air Filter must remain stock. AC compressor, lines, and ac/heater core box in the engine compartment may be removed. You cannot remove the heater core box from inside the car. 

B. The Radiator must contain water only. You can choose to run a manual fan over an electric fan. 

C. The battery may remain in stock location, or you may move the battery inside the Driver’s compartment. The battery must be securely mounted and covered. 

D. Kill Switch Requirements 

  1. A Fuel Kill Switch must be located in the rear of the deck or behind drivers roll cage, and/or
  2. A Kill-All switch if the battery is relocated.

E. Exhaust/Muffler is required. Exhaust is 2-1/2 max. The pipes must go beyond the driver area and exit to the side or rear. No x, h, or Y pipes.Catalytic converter may be replaced with pipe.

F. The Transmission must remain entirely stock and contain all working gears.

G. The Rear-End must remain entirely stock. Factory gear only 2.73-3.73 ratios only. No aftermarket lockers. You may weld the spider gears or use a factory position. 2002 and older cars may use 4.10 and numerically lower ratios.


A. A Roll-Cage with a maximum of a 4 point cage with 1 ¾ .095 tubing. The cage must include 4 curved door bars on the Driver’s Side, and straight bars can be used on the passenger side for oval racing. If you remove the passenger door inner panel, you must run minimum 3 curved door bars. The cage must be welded to the frame and not the floor pan. A driver’s door plate is required. No offset cages are allowed, and all roll cages must be painted.

Addendum 6/17/21   – For the 2021 season only, on the passenger side, if door is gutted, 2 curved bars with 2 down bars combining the 2  curved bars will be accepted for Oval and Figure 8.  Must be similar to attached photo. If you currently have a gutted door with no curved bars, or are planning on gutting the door, you must add 3 curved bars.  Expires 12/31/21

2 bar cage 2021 Ford


For Figure 8 racing, minimum 3 curved door bars on the passenger side to be eligible to race figure 8’s. Must have a foot bar under the Driver’s feet that extends from bottom of left “A” post to bottom of right A post of roll cage to be eligible to race figure 8’s. Must have a bar centered over transmission tunnel that connects the foot bar to the dash bar, a centered bar from the dash bar to the halo over the drivers head, and a centered bar from the halo to the hoop behind the Driver’s seat to be eligible to race figure 8’s. Must have a bar that connects left and right legs of hoop behind Driver’s seat just above the driveshaft tunnel and another one welded at approximately half the distance from the top of driveshaft tunnel to the roof. Must have a diagonal bar from the bottom right front A post leg of roll cage to the mid-mounted bar behind the Driver’s seat.  

B. B Pillars can be removed from both Driver and passenger sides. 

C. A properly mounted window net is mandatory and must be used at all times on the track.

D. The steering column must remain stock. Adding a quick disconnect steering wheel is allowed.

E. The windshield may remain stock, or can change to Lexan or metal screen. If you are running a metal screen or 1/2 Lexan windshield, you must have 3 solid steel vertical bars in front of driver for protection if running screen. 

F. Drivers may run stock rearview mirror only, mounted in the stock location. 

G. You are required to remove all other glass and mirrors. 

H. The dash must remain stock. All airbags in the entire car are required to be removed. Dash may only be altered to fit roll bars but cannot be removed.   

I. Pedals must remain stock.

J. No adding of any weight to the entire car. The track can add weight to any competitor at any time


A. No altering of the suspension, including sway bar links. No spacers of any kind. No air ride. No cutting, no heating, or no lowering of springs. Shocks and springs can only be replaced by the same stock parts or OEM replacements (can cut two 2″ holes above rear shocks to access top shock nut).

(Front Struts and Springs must be exact same side to side) (Rear Springs and Shocks must be exact same side to side)

B. CASTER & CAMBER – You may adjust as factory adjustments allow. May run aftermarket camber bolts (only Moog Pt#K100094 or other aftermarket equivalent manufacture 

C. All season tires only. Nothing under 350 tread wear or any tire that cost $125.00 or more. The only tire sizes allowed are 235/55/17, 225/60/16, and 215/70/15. No high performance, directional, or autocross tires will be allowed. No tire soaking or treating of any type

D. Must be steel stock wheels. All 4 wheels must be the same size and offset. No wheel spacers. No offset wheels on cars 2003 and newer. 2002 and older cars may use dodge charger factory 17-inch wheels. 

E. BUMPERS –May use 1.75″ pipe front & rear bumper. 8″ stub out from the frame of car and bumper must be looped back into the frame. One top loop is permitted with no bracing of any kind. No square tubing. Bumpers cannot exceed the width of front or rear tires. This will be measured form outer sidewalls at spindle height. If using factory front and/or rear bumpers you must use factory bumper covers or must have loops welded to end of each bumper and looped back to the frame (This rule is mandator effective July 3rd 2024 for all cars). Bumper width measurements apply. Those using the factory bumper cover with the factory front or rear bumper are subject to being black flagged if bumper cover(s) are lost at any point during any race. If the bumper does not conform to these rules, you will be forced to cut the bumper off and race without one for the night. 

F. The hood and trunk must have hood-type pins for easy access by track officials. The hood and trunk cannot be gutted or bolted down. 


*** Unless noted below, all other claim procedures follow Claiming Rule under General Rules

To claim a Car, Computer, or Transmission, you must finish on the lead lap, and the car must have finished in front of you. The claim can be submitted to Tech or race control. 

$2,000 to Claim Car or $1,500 plus car – Minus Seat, Belts, and Steering wheel

$125 to claim Computer (This will not be with a swap this will be out right buy)

The track has the right to claim a car for $2,000. The track also has the right to deny any claim. No claim will be approved within the last four racing weeks of points. 

Refusal of Claim Penalty

1st Refusal – DQ and start in rear for next two attended events

2nd Refusal – 1st Refusal plus 20 points deduction from season total

3rd Refusal – Track discretion (i.e. Driver and car could be suspended for multiple weeks / End of the season from class) 

Request for Claim envelope must have the following:

  • Written (in print) on the envelope must be the following:
    • Your Name
    • Your Car Number
    • Car Number of Claim Car
    • What is Being Claimed, Car or Transmission
    • Amount in envelope ** Once cash is confirmed, the envelope will be sailed. 
  • Payment must be in cash; we will not accept checks or credit cards. 

Once a car is claimed, it cannot be reclaimed for two weeks. 

There is no team claiming allowed; if a car is claimed by one team, the other team cannot request a “revenge” claim on the same night. 

Canceling of claim can only be done if the claim is entered after the 1st feature and either car is damaged (via accident). 




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