Showtime Speedway will follow the ​2021 Florida Pro Truck Challenge Series Rules excluding the following:
Please see General Rules for Saftey Requirements, Car Number Number Placement, and Tech Rules

If these rules do not say you can do it, then don’t do it! All interpretations by the track are final.

1. 602, 603 Crate & M6007S347JR Motors with Factory or Track Seals 2850 lb. with 57% left side.

2. 305 and 302 Built Motors and Unsealed Crate motors 2950 lb. with 57% left side.
*** These weights can be adjusted at the discretion of the track to equalize the competition

1. Only GM Metric frame 1978-1987 may be used with a 6” minimum ride height on chassis. frame can be X” d.

2. OEM GM metric frame only may be used 1978-1987 Chevrolet Malibu, Monte Carlo or Unaltered replacement JohnsonChassis #JCI-09-1B (“XYZ” or Johnson clip and/or chassis must be raced as manufactured by Johnson Chassis, any modifications will be deemed illegal per their
Watchdog Inspection Tools. Frames must retain the original 108-inch wheelbase. The maximum allowable difference from side to side is 1/2 inch.

3. Maximum Tread Width 63” front and rear (62” using Referee).

4. Chassis must remain stock unless otherwise specifically noted in rules.

5. Frame may be fabricated from 6” forward of the centerli3ne of the rear axle and from the front sway bar forward.

6. Cross member must remain stock and in stock location; it may be notched for oil pan clearance only and must be boxed with 1/8-inch steel. If yours had been cut, you must add square tube metal to make it the same height, width, and depth as a stock one.

7. All pick-up points must remain stock in stock locations: Front Lower arms and rear trailing arms. No modifications to arms, holes, no drilling and lightening are allowed.

Front Suspension:

1. Front suspension components must remain stock unless otherwise noted in another rule.

2. Heavy-duty steel or aluminum aftermarket hubs & rotors are required on the right front wheel.

3. Springs must mount in stock location. The top of frame may be changed to add wedge bolts or to allow for spring removal.

4. Shocks must be mounted directly to the lower A-arm.

5. Pitman arm and steering arm may be changed; aftermarket center link is permitted.

6. Steel Heim-type tie rod ends on both ends will be permitted.

7. Upper and Lower ball joints may be any bolt-on or screw-in type ball joints. No relocating of lower ball joints allowed.

8. A maximum of one 360-degree spring rubber allowed on front or rear springs. Coil-spring rubber inserts are permitted, no leaf springs or torsion bars are permitted.

9. Steel, poly, or mono-ball bushings ok, no offset or eccentric bushings.

10. Sway bar must be 1-piece stock 1 3/8” maximum diameter.


1. Stock, OEM steering box, may change ratio (updated 5-21-19) in stock location.

2. Spindles or Part #91034501 3-Piece IMCA 1979-Up GM Metric Midsize Spindle, bearings and hubs, Stock HD aftermarket hubs, and rotors are
allowed. Spindle savers are recommended. Steering arms must be the same length on the right and left.

1. Only 1 steel body non-adjustable shock per wheel permitted. Adjustable shafts, base valves, and canisters are not allowed.

2. Shocks may have Schrader Valves, and internal parts must remain as purchased with a Maximum cost of $200.00 per shock

3. Internal rebuild parts must remain as purchased in that shock not to exceed the retail value. Shocks can be claimed for $200.00 each by track or competitor. Refusal will be a DQ, loss of money, points, and a $200.00 fine.



1. (See Diagram) Approved Truck body Manufacturers are: AR Bodies, Lightning Light and Five-Star. May make own aluminum body pieces, NO
carbon fiber and must be approved by track and fit templates.

2. Only approved bodies are: 1997 – 2009 Chevy C-10/C1500 Silverado, 1997 – 2009 Ford F150, 1997 – 2009 Dodge Ram, 2004-2009 Toyota.
3.Body must be centered of the frame with wheels in the center of wheel wells with 2” tolerance. All body parts must be attached firmly to the cage or frame and are subject to approval. Body ground clearance is a minimum of 4 inches measured anywhere.

4. All body support brackets must be solid and located inside the body structure.

5. Nose Width is 79.5” max. Front air dams must maintain their original configuration.
• The word STOCK used within this set of rules means as originally produced by the manufacturer for that make/model/year of car with no altering or modifications. Stock replacement parts ok but must be same dimensions, weight, and/or volume as OEM the part. Determination of whether an aftermarket part is legal will be the tech inspector’s decision.

6. Maximum rake for the roof is 1”. Front windshield braces are mandatory.

7. Minimum side window opening must be at least 16” and may have 1/8” Lexan vents only, 9” high, 12” length max

8. Front and Rear windows must be full 1/8” Lexan.

9. Hoods to remain stock with the following opening of 2.5” x 20” cut in the rear of the hood and centered behind air filter and a 1.5” x 1.5” X 20” heat deflector may be installed on the firewall at this opening.

10. Fiberglass, sheet metal, or aluminum rear deck lids flush with quarter panels are mandatory must be able to open for telength maxnspections.

11.No Lexan or metal-air deflectors on the rear deck or attached to rear down bars.

12. 6” x 60” clear solid rear spoiler is mandatory with a 55 Degree Minimum angle with approved braces on backside. 13. Unmodified Stock rear bumper cover is mandatory and must be complete.

14. Rear deck height maximum is 40 inches.

15. No tape allowed on truck unless approved for damage. Interior:

16.Vehicle interior must be complete and shield driver from the ground, engine compartment and fuel cell area.

17. Driver floor must be steel; the rest of the compartment can be from steel or aluminum but must be fully enclosed and extend from the left to right side of the truck.

18.Truck must have a rear firewall to separate the driver from the fuel tank. The firewall may be welded, riveted, or bolted.

19.May have installed digital dash panels.

Rear Suspension / Rear-end:

1. Rear differential housing must be stock steel 7.5” – 10 bolt GM or 9” Ford housing. All rear-end parts must be steel and must have a 1” inspection
hole in the cover.

2. OEM stock rear trailing arms only and must mount in original holes in the frame. No cambered rear ends permitted. Distance between the centers of the bolts on the upper arms should be no less than 10 1⁄4 “. Must use stock OEM factory control arms; bushings at both the front and rear of the trailing arms must be original rubber or polyurethane.

3. Rear spring perch must remain on the top of the axle tube. Rear springs must mount on top of the axle tube and must be standard 5” diameter rear
springs. Shocks mount in stock location.

4. Ring gear and pinion must be stock and mount directly in housing.

5. Only stock ring and pinion, off-the-shelf available gears, allowed. No custom ground or lightened gears allowed. GM 273- 456 gears, Ford 9inch, may use 300 and above gears, non-lightened, non-back cut, non-polished gears. Welded spider gears, mini spool, or any spool must weigh 6.1 pounds or more with stock steel/cast carrier will only be allowed.

6. Only solid steel axles will be allowed.

7. No rear Pan-hard or sway bars.

Tires and Wheels:
1. Track-approved tires only. No soaking or altering of the tire in any manor allowed. Drivers soaking or altering tires will forfeit all purse and points for the event and all track points for the year. Driver must also pay a $1,000 fine prior to being allowed to compete at Speedway. Any illegal tire, in the judgment of Speedway Officials, will be confiscated.

2. 8” steel racing wheels with any offset and no wheel weights or bleeders allowed. Any safety hub with 5/8” wheel studs only.

1. Four-wheel disc brakes must be in full working condition with any OEM appearing single-piston caliper only.

2. Only cast iron or steel rotors allowed.

1. Only GM Turbo 350 and Ford C4 or C6 automatic transmissions are allowed with the following exceptions. No drilling or lightening on the transmission or interior parts except the following items for oiling purposes. Front Planetary Reaction Gear per spec – see tech for spec sheet. Sun shell cover (must be a solid stock type) may be drilled at back per spec – see tech for spec sheet.

2. Must have all forward and reverse gears working. No modifications.

3. GM Turbo 350 may use 2.75 low gear – 1.57 second gear option and with no turbo 200/250 parts used in 350 transmissions.

4. No aluminum or billet parts are allowed in transmission.

5. Torque convertor must be a minimum diameter of 10” and working.

6. Transmission coolers with fans allowed, and all cooling lines must be
steel braided with screw-on fittings.

7. Safety Bell Housing and/or flexplate shield ok.

8. Solid output shafts only, no gun-drilled or hollowed shafts allowed.

9. JW Transmissions, TCI Transmissions, or others are allowed as long as they meet these rules.

10. Standard steel or aluminum 3-speed or 4-speed OEM or OEM style synchronized manual transmissions must have helical gears only. No straight-cut gears, magnesium, or gun-drilled main shafts permittedtwo lever shifter or H-pattern shifter only. No Rankin type or cluster-disconnect transmissions or 2-speed transmission will be permitted.

11. No internal clutch-type transmissions are allowed and must have an external clutch, pressure plate, and flywheel assembly.

12. Transmission must have all forward gears and one (1) working reverse gear.

13. No overdrive or under-drive n transmissions permitted. High gear must be 1 to 1, and no other gear may have a ratio higher than 1.20 to 1.

Clutch / Flywheel / Drive shaft:

1. Standard OEM or OEM-type and size clutch, steel pressure plate, steel flywheel, and throw-out bearing permitted.

2. No Light Weight Parts: 10,000 RPM etc. Stock Clutch minimum 10” Solid hub clutch only and must have a pad or full circle.

3. Clutches must be positive engagement design. Slider or slipper clutch designs are not permitted. No carbon fiber clutches.

4. Flywheel must weigh a minimum of 14 pounds.

5. Standard transmission must use shatterproof bell housing with 2” hole in bell housing for inspection.

6. Only Steel driveshaft and must be painted white with the truck number on it with two driveshaft safety loops mandatory.

Engines: Vacuum Rules (Each truck must have a vacuum port and fitting to check)
1. 603 Crate – 18 Minimum @ 950 rpm
2. 602 Crate – 18 Minimum @ 950 rpm
3.305 Chevy – Check Cam Lift – 474-510
4. 347Jr Ford – 19 Minimum @ 950 rpm
5. 351 Ford – 13 Minimum @ 950 rpm
6. Anything below these vacuums is wrong.

Built Engines / Non-Crate:
1. Stock cast iron production blocks only. Gm 305, Ford 302. No altering of lifter bore and wet sump engines only.

2. May be studded in mains only, no aftermarket caps, may be two or four-bolt if that was available.

3. Maximum of .060 + .010 wear, no sleeve down blocks. Blocks must maintain OEM-type bearings in the main and cam journals.

4. All factory casting numbers must remain. You may add oil screens and paint block.

5. Minimum deck height on all is .000.

6. Any questions/concerns regarding the legality of internal parts should be directed to the tech inspector prior to racing. Track reserves the right to use weight to penalize violations, equal competition and will do so at their discretion.

Only factory production, cast iron heads that are OEM for the engine type being used and that produce the factory specified volumes are permitted.
Stainless steel valves and three-angle valve jobs are allowed.

1. Minimum combustion chamber volumes will be Chevy 52cc and Ford 52cc with no tolerance.

2. No porting, polishing, port matching, decking beyond the chamber min. volume, angle milling, or grinding will be allowed.

3. Any type of guide material may be used, but valve guides must be in the stock factory location, angle, and spacing only.

4. Valve springs must be of the stock type with No triple, conical, beehives, or progressive springs allowed.

5. Valve stems must be stock height only.

6. Retainers must be steel or chrome-moly steel only. Valve spring retainers must be stock type only. Plus, or minus height retainers are allowed.

7. Valve spring keepers must be stock type only. Seven- or ten-degree locks may be used—no spring cups.

8. All heads must have visible and unaltered casting numbers.
Any stock 305 head # 12558059, #12529180 or Engine quest CH305b allowed. Part number 1023906 head not permitted.
1. 52 cc minimum
2. Stock valve 1.84 intake/1.50 exhaust.
3. No deburring, polishing, or hand blending permitted.
4. Studs may be pinned or screw-in studs, and guide plates are allowed.
5. 1.5 roller rockers ok.
1. Ford GT-40, GTP 40 heads, or 302 heads permitted with 52cc minimum.
2. Stock valve 1.84 intake/1.50 exhaust. Stainless steel replacement valves permitted.
3. No deburring, polishing, or hand blending permitted.
4. Studs may be pinned or screw-in studs, and guide plates and 1.6 roller rockers allowed.

1. Chevy # 7101, 7116, 2116 / Ford must use OEM intake for block used.
2. No porting, polishing, milling, or coatings in runners.
3. No laser treating or micro-holes allowed in intake.

1. OEM or OEM appearing aftermarket steel rods and length Chevrolet 5.700, Ford 5.090 only.
2. No lightening, beam polishing, or exterior machine work allowed on rods.

1.Any Flat top or dished top pistons allowed with wrist pin in OEM position and no lightweight pins.

1. Only OEM or stock replacement Chevy and Ford cast iron or steel crankshafts allowed with OEM stroke.
2. No O.D. turning, lightening, knife edging, or weight polishing will be allowed, except for “Mallory Metal” or minimal metal removal for balancing.
Minimum weights- Ford 32lbs and Chevy 48lbs.
3. Any type of harmonic dampener or flywheel allowed and SFI approved units recommended.

1. Flat tappet or hydraulic cam with maximum lifts of .474/.510 duration engine builders optional.
2. Lifter stock size hydraulic, anti-pump up, or solid allowed.
3. No lightweight push rods allowed. No rev kits, offset rocker arms, roller lifters, lightweight lifters, coated lifters, mushroom lifters, or oversize lifters are permitted.
4. Stock or roller timing chains but no gear to gear or belt drives allowed.

GM 602 with Holley 650 HP 4150-80541 allowed but totally by the GM manual with a Maximum 9.6:1 compression. GM 603 with Holley 500 CFM old
style 4412 only but must follow the Gm Manual unless listed below.

1. Optional valve springs stock diameter, no double springs max 130 lbs. Comp # 941 is allowed.
2. Self-aligning Stamp Rollers or 1.5 Roller rockers only.
3. Maximum 10.3:1 COMPRESSION RATIO.
4. MAX overbore .030 + .010.

1. This engine must follow the Ford Racing Technical Manual only. Maximum of 10.2:1 compression ratio. FORD 351W
1. May use m6513-bh bearings.
2. Intake to be used must be intake that came with motor only.
3. 52cc minimum on heads
4. Must maintain 10.2:1 compression ratio
5. Due to several cam combo’s, these are the numbers that are legal. M6250-e303, m6250-x303 andm6250-z3003.
6. Minimum deck height .014
7. Refer to Ford Performance Manual for any other details. 8. Max overbore .030 + .010 for wear. Note: All engines must have an inspection plug w/plug (minimum 1′′) on the left front of the oil pan.

1. Carburetor- Unaltered Holley old-style 4412, 500 CFM gauge legal with a maximum 1.065 spacer/adapter between intake and carburetor and choke horn may be removed.
2. 602 Crate can run a Holley 650 HP 4150-80541 gauge legal four-barrel. No alterations or modifications, with a maximum 1.065 spacer/seal between intake and carburetor.

Air cleaner:
1.A round un-altered air cleaner element with a maximum diameter of fourteen (14) inches with a maximum height of four (4) inches is required. All air must be filtered thru this filter or through the use of a Cold airbox on the top of the carburetor that encases the air filter. No ram air will be allowed.

2. Hoods to remain stock with the following opening of 2.5” x 20” cut in the rear of the hood and centered behind the air filter and a 1.5” x 1.5” X 20” heat deflector may be installed on the firewall at this opening.

Fuel system:
1. 110 or equivalent, No fuel additives, ethanol, or E85 will be permitted. Track Officials reserve the right to test the fuel at any time. Fuel
pump-stock mounted mechanical pump only.

2.The fuel cell must be a magnetic steel container made from no less than 22-gauge magnetic steel.

3.The use of ice, wet or dry, for the purpose of cooling the engine, air cleaner, or fuel system is not allowed.

4.Maximum fuel cell capacity is 22 gallons and must maintain a minimum ground clearance of8-inches.

5.OBERG Fuel Valve # SV-0828 or SRI # FFF-FSV Mandatory near the cell and after the filter.

Cooling system:
1. Stock type water pump, no electric with Recommended to have overflow hose mounted to the right corner of the windshield.

2. Water wetter ok, no anti-freeze may be used.

1. Steel headers optional with a maximum diameter of 3” collectors and 3” exhaust pipes the rest of the way out.

2. All exhaust systems must exit past the driver’s compartment. The minimum exhaust system ground clearance is 3inches.

Engine location:
1. Must be centered between frame rails, 1” tolerance.

2. Crankshaft height is 12” from the center of the crank to the ground. Engine placement is measured from the spark plug (closet to the radiator) centerline to an imaginary line projected between the left and right upper a-arm ball joint as follows;
A. All Chevrolets: 4 inches on the driver’s side forward of the ball joint.
B. Fords 1.75 inches on passenger side forward of the ball joint.

1. Mandatory Crane Cams Ignition part # 6000-6701 only as produced from Crane/Fast. Mounted on the right side of truck dials pointed out the passenger side on the original plate. The mag positive & negative shall be a maximum length of 62 inches. Must remain uncut or spliced and on top of the dash in clear view.

2. Only one box will be permitted must be mounted on the right side.

3. All wires must be exposed and in plain view, and easily traced by tech officials.

4. Maximum RPM’s will be Crates 6300 and Built 7000.

5.Single Battery 12-volt system only and battery disconnect switch is mandatory and accessible to the safety crew and driver.
Roll Cage:
1. Roll cages must be built of 1 3⁄4 “.095 thickness tubing minimum.

2. Cages must be attached properly in at least 8 spots on the chassis.

3. Minimum of 4 door bars on the left side, plated with 1/8-inch steel.

4. All roll bars around the driver must be padded. *** Suggested but not mandatory

5. Additional weight may be added in block form of no less than 5-pound blocks (no pellets). Dislodged weight cannot be returned to the car for weighing after the race. All added weight must be painted white with a truck number painted in red or black and securely mounted. Any lost weight will result in a $10 per pound fine to the driver. No lead weights will be allowed inside the driver compartment.

1. You must be in the top 10 and on the lead lap to protest and be filed within 10 minutes of checker flag and must be specific.

2.Must be made in writing specifying the rule(s) considered to have been violated.

3. All protest fees must be paid in cash. P&G, Carburetor inspection $75, Whistler check $150 Track retains $50; Top end tear down $800, Track
retains $150. Scope check of the crank area $150 Track retains $50. Complete Motor Teardown $1,000, Track retains $300.

4. Only the protested truck’s owner or driver plus two crew members, the protesting driver or owner who competed in the race, 1 crew member and
Track officials in the tech area for the protest tech. Procedure or the specific rule they are protesting.

5. Visual protests are to be honored any time before the race and do not have to be in written form but need to be brought to tech or Track official.
The infraction must be corrected or tech may use a weight penalty for that race if not able to fix that day. The amount of weight is at the tech
Official’s discretion.

6. Excessive or spiteful protesting will not be tolerated and can result in disqualification, loss of points, and possible disqualification.

7. Do not remove or alter any casting or Truck part numbers.

8. Tech reserves the right to check any truck in the field at any time, in any finishing order if he chooses to. They must conform to rules or face
disqualification. Protest or tech tear down refusal: (includes engine, drive train, etc.)

9. Any truck owner/driver refusing any protest or tear down for any reason will lose all money, points, awards, trophies earned for that race date.

10. The next race, that truck will be inspected after the race regardless of where it finishes.

***** The word stock, used within the rules, means as originally produced by the manufacturer for that make/model/ and/or year of the truck. It is stock with no altering or modifications. Aftermarket parts must be the same dimensions, weight, and/or volume as the OEM part. Determination of
whether anything is legal will be the tech and Track Officials’ decision.

***** No Carbon Fiber or Titanium permitted anywhere in the truck.

***** No Traction control devices of any kind allowed.


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