Showtime Speedway 2016 Pro Figure-8


If these rules do not say you can do it then don’t do it! All interpretations by the track are final. You are responsible to know the track’s position on all rules. IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE!

1. Car may be any stock front clip car, or may be fabricated. Wheelbase 105” Min.

2. Minimum 4” ride height.

3. Weight minimum of 2,900 lbs with original driver for stock front clip. 3,100 for fabricated.

4. Numbers on roof and both doors. Minimum 18″ high, 3″ thick.

5. Lettering and numbers must be in a contrasting color to paint scheme of car. No obscene

language or gestures painted on car or on decals.

6. Body Optional (stock or fabricated)

7. 10” steel rims, Hoosier F53 8″ slicks.

8. Any stock type rear end. Quick change Okay. No aluminum tubes. No cambered tubes.

9. Any shock. Coil over’s okay.

10. Any steering (Rack & Pinion Okay)

11. Transmission optional (Must have scatter shield). No internal clutch transmissions. No in and out boxes.

12. Engines location – #1 cylinder lined up with ball joint.

13. Engine – Flat top motor, any flat tappet cam (No roller cams). Roller rockers Okay.

14. Any cast iron head – valve size max. 2.02 – max 1.6. No porting or polishing. 170 cc intake port size.

15. 5 1/2” clutch min.

16. Carburetor – 2 barrel or Q-jet.

17. Any aluminum intake (No Bowties)

18. Any stock type H.E.I. ignition.

19. Front spindles optional.

20. Any side spoiler or wing below what would be top of roof. Must be Lexan.

The track reserves the right to add weight at its discretion for the fairness of competition.


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