Showtime Speedway 2018 Outlaw  Pro Figure-8

$2500 FOR POINT CHAMPION must Run at least 11 of our 15 races or 72% or better  to be Eligible and attend Banquet. 


If these rules do not say you can do it then don’t do it! All interpretations by the track are final. You are responsible to know the track’s position on all rules. IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE!

1. Weight minimum of 2,600 lbs with original driver.

2. Numbers on roof and both doors. Minimum 18″ high, 3″ thick.

3. Lettering and numbers must be in a contrasting color to paint scheme of car. No obscene

language or gestures painted on car or on decals.



The track reserves the right to add weight at its discretion for the fairness of competition.


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