Showtime Speedway Enduro Rules 2014 (updated 3/14/14)

Please understand these rules are set as a maximum you can do to your car for our track.  You can choose a car, remove the glass and interior.  Weld the doors shut and install a window net, fire extinguisher, racing seat, and belts.  Install a Lexan windshield and weld a 5″ piece of C Channel down the driver’s side doors.  Relocate the battery to behind the driver in a cover box, and put a battery switch in the window area behind the driver.  Race at our track!


Any 1970 or newer American made sedan. No Camaro, Firebird, Mustang , etc. allowed.  Coil spring only, no leaf springs.

4 cylinder-6 cylinder and 8 cylinder.  Will run in your own class.  If your car runs another class (ie mini stocks or street stocks it can not run in the Enduro class)

No full time driver of another class can race in the Enduros unless it is a 100 Lap special race.


Factory weight


  1. Complete stock body and frame for vehicle being run.
  2. Removal of all flammable material a must ,no cutting of any panels except may remove dash. May gut front doors only for door bars.
  3.  All Exterior trim must be removed. Minimum 2 hood pins in front and 2 in rear if not using hinges. Minimum 2 trunk pins in it if using hinges. No cowl hoods or holes in hood  no airbox opening of any kind.


  1. Complete floor pan and firewalls, front and rear,  must be retained and sealed from engine or trunk areas.
  2. Stock factory brake pedal and mount must be used and must be in factory location.
  3. All glass must be removed Except Windshield or have full lexan front windshield. No other windows allowed. Must have drivers window net properly installed.
  4. No spoilers of any kind allowed.
  5. Must have stock Bumper Weld or Chain on.

Chassis and Suspension:

  2. Frame height 7”.


  1. Stock for make and model
  2. An engine kill switch must be mounted in the window, quarter window, easily accessible by track officials.
  3. The switch must be clearly marked “Battery” and show on and off positions.


Drive Train:

  1. Rear end must be strickly stock for make  and model of car. Welded rear end OK.
  2. Drive shaft must be painted white color and include the car number. Drive shaft loop will be a 5 inch diameter steel loop. 1 inch wide ¼ inch thick. It must be securely mounted to the frame 12 inches from the front universal. Must  have one on rear drive shaft from its mount.


  1. Manifold- stock OEM manifolds only. Exhaust pipe must exit pass the driver and no larger than 2½ inches all the way. No X pipes, no H pipes.
  2. No center dump exhaust manifolds.
  3. Must have over the counter mufflers, or Glass packs. Flow master, Cherry bomb.


  1. No additives allowed.
    1. a.      Fuel Cell are optional, Cutting the trunk for the fuel cell is permitted.  Must be securely mounted behind firewall. Fuel cell must be in gauge steel compartment. And at least 10 inches off track.
    2. b.      Brakes:
    3. Stock factory OEM 4 wheel working brakes only. No brakes bias devices of any kind. All 4 brakes must work.

Wheels and Tires:

  1. Stock wheels, no spacers.
  2. Tires treadwear rating of 200 or Higher, same size all the way around. 60 series shortest sidewall allowed.

Track and Safety:

  1. Fire Extinguisher- All cars must have a fire extinguisher (min 2 lbs.) securely mounted within drivers reach. The mounting must be in such a way that the driver can quickly remove it. Wrapping duct tape around the extinguisher or any other material that will prohibit that easy removal of the extinguisher is not acceptable.
  2. Seat and belts-  A single quick release 5 point harness (min 3 inch belts) dated 2010 or newer is required in all vehicles. All belts and installation shall be approved by the safety officials. Sternum straps are OK. All required belts must be in use at any time the car is in motion on the track. Racing harness must be attached to roll cage.
  3. Windows- Window nets are required on the driver’s side if the car and must be securely mounted. Nets must latch at the top & be operational from inside and outside of the car. Drivers must be able to get out of either side of the car in case of emergency.
  4. Windshield- All cars must have a clear windshield that the driver can be able to see through. Must have number on the passenger side top of windshield at least 4 inches.
  5. Battery- Battery shall be secured to frame of car and must be encased. The lead ballast must be painted with car number and secured with two – ½ inch bolts per 25 lbs. It is your responsibility to make sure your ballast stays in your car for everyone’s safety. Loose ballast on the track is not acceptable.
  6. All cars must have a radiator over flow can. Water is the only acceptable coolant.
  7. Officials may inspect any car and/ or equipment at any time for compliance. All cars must have initial safety inspection each season before they race.
  8. All required safety equipment and apparel must be in use while the car is on the race track.
  9. Racing helmet with min. Snell 95 rating. Neck brace required . Fire suit with sfi min. rating of “I”.  No holes or torn fire suits allowed. Fire resistant gloves, shoes, and socks must be worn at all times car is on track.
    1. The track retains the right to modify or append any rules it deems necessary to allow orphaned racers to be able to race at the track competitively but not to give them an unfair advantage.
    2. Will not allow any rough driving on the track. If you cannot pass the car fair then don’t try. Any driver that drives rough will be black flagged. Racing is racing and there will be some bumping, but we will not tolerate any driver pushing a car out of the way to go to the front. No pushing a car down the back or front straight away. Mirrors ok but will be removed if necessary.


Any deviation of rules, or cars from other tracks may be disqualified or be allowed to race with a weight penalty of 50 to 300 lbs to be located at techs discretion in the interest of fair competition. Any car may be assessed a weight penalty at any time or left side weight adjusted in the interest of fair competition.


The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM THE PUBLICATION OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended entirely as a guide for the conduct of the sport and in no way guarantee against injury or death to any participant, spectator or official. The race director or Head Tech Inspector shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in their opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATIONS OR DEVIATIONS. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials and is final and binding. On occasion when situations arise that are not covered by written rules herein, special rulings may be put into effect by the track officials. Once such rulings are acted upon, they may become an act of policy and will be added to the existing rules of procedures.
The Management of Showtime Speedway



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