2018 Sportsman
*Speedway Officials shall be empowered to permit minor deviations from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his/her opinion does not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from such altercation of specifications.
*Speedway reserves the right to update, modify, and/or delete rules at any time deemed necessary to insure safety, fair competition or any other reason that may be appropriate.
*The word STOCK used within this set of rules means as originally produced by the manufacturer for that make/model/year of car with no altering or modifications. Stock replacement parts ok. Must be same dimensions, weight, and/or volume as OEM part. Determination of whether an aftermarket part is legal will be the tech inspector’s decision.

1. Must be American made rear wheel drive passenger cars or station wagons only.
2. Minimum wheel base 104 inches. Maximum tread width 68” center tire to center tire. (66” using Referee)
3. If Transponders are used they must be mounted 24” behind rear axle on right rear frame rail.
1.2975 lbs. min with 56% max, left side, and 75-pound weight break for Unaltered Sealed Crate motors. The only exception is you are allowed to use the 604 crate engine oil pan (Recommended option) or 7” inexpensive steel oil pan (Retail $150.00 or Less) and receive weight break.
2. No heavy metals for ballast. Lead only painted white, car number with ½ bolts minimum. No tungsten.
3. In the event a visiting competitor comes to race, the tech inspector will have the right to add weight to make more competitive with our rules.
1. Stock steel bodies, after market fiberglass or aluminum bodies or fabricated bodies, Subject to tech approval. Roof height 46” minimum, 36 ½ maximum quarter height, 48” front overhang with maximum of 3 ½” splitter and 47” rear overhang.
2. Bumpers shall not have sharp edges or open ends. Steel bumpers front, rear and door bars are mandatory. ONLY EXCEPTION IS YOU ARE ALLOWED AN ALUMINUM I-BEAM STYLE REAR BUMPER.
3. Stock or fabricated firewall and floor pan allowed.
4. Minimum ground clearance 4 inches, body, frame and side skirts at all times.
5. Only Clear Spoiler 6″x 60″ max centered on car., No forward rutters, No side pods.
6. MUST run a Roof (minimum 45” wide x 38” long) +/- ½” and full Lexan windshield.
7. No Sideboards, Rutters or Fins on side of body.
8. No panning of under car.
9. Ride height minimum 4” Body, Frame and Lead at all times. No pulling up on car in tech line.
1. Full roll cage mandatory minimum 4 point. Must be 1 3/4″ x .095 inch round steel tubing and must have 4 horizontal bars driver’s side and 3 horizontal bars passenger side. Front and rear loop optional.
1. OEM front clip no weight penalty or 2 x 4 tube clip must have 25 pounds of existing weight in front of the flywheel and meet following Guidelines: Must use stock lower A-Frames and steering box and Must maintain 4” from lower control arm bolts to bottom of cross member equally at all times, can be obtained by welding nuts on the bottom of the cross member and threading bolts into them and adjusting by bolts and washers. Lower mounts must be solid and nonadjustable. Must measure 17” – ¼” tolerance from center bolt to center bolt on front side of lower control arm and 27” – ¼” tolerance and Any tube clip that doesn’t meet these specs will be deemed illegal.
2. OEM lower a frame for chassis in stock location. No modifications of any kind other than weld in ball joint sleeve in original position. No roller bearing upper control arms.
3. Adjustable one piece sway bar only.
4. Any idler arm and pitman arm in stock location. Steel tie rods or heim ends allowed inner and outer. Aluminum adjuster tube allowed.
5. Stock steering box in stock location, No Rack and pinion allowed but looking at it for 2019.
6. Coil springs 5-inch diameter minimum, no coil over’s or eliminators on front and (1) 360-degree spring rubber per wheel.
7. Cross member must retain dimensions from bottom of cross member to lower control arm pick up points of 4” and can be obtained by welding nuts on the bottom of the cross member and threading bolts into them and adjusting by bolts and washers. .
8. OEM spindles only, No tubular spindles. No drop spindles.
1. Steel multi or mono-leaf springs. No composite or fiberglass.
2. Rear coils 5 inch diameter minimum. Coil over eliminators allowed on rear with 5” spring and (1) 360-degree spring rubber per wheel.
3. No fifth (5th) coil, torque arm or lift bar suspensions will be permitted. No birdcage set-ups of any kind (3 or 4 link). Trailing arms must mount to rear end in a solid fashion (heim allowed) and no part of the trailing arm mounting may freely rotate around the rear end and no center pull. All parts of 4 Link must be solid, one-piece construction with no moving parts, with one heim at each end. Trailing arms, third link and track bar mounts must also be solid and may not have the ability to move. (Minimum 21” and maximum 30” trailing arm length iscenter of heim to center of heim both mounted in forward direction and no more than 6” difference in length between the left and right trailing arm).
1. STEEL Non-adjustable with aluminum heim allowed. No adjustable shafts or canisters permitted. If you have Schrader valves on your shock you must add 25 pounds.
Shock claim rule of $125.00 per shock, competitor or series may claim one to all four shocks.
2. Absolutely no bump-stops, coil binding, or chassis stops of any type and will be checked by putting front tires on ½” blocks and nose on the ground.
1. Aftermarket pedals and master cylinders and only one brake bias adjuster.
2. OEM appearing single piston calipers only.
3. Four wheel working brakes mandatory.
1. Rear end: Stock or 9 inch floater, must be locked or use a spool.
2. 5 on 5 quick change with spool and steel tubes only. No cambered snouts. No light weight Spur gears. No wide 5.
3. Multiple disc clutches with steel floaters and aluminum pressure plates permitted, minimum 7 1/4 ” in diameter. Clutches must be positive engagement design.  Slider or slipper clutch designs are not permitted.  No carbon fiber clutches.  Clutches found not to meet this definition will be deemed illegal.
4. Stock OEM 3 or 4 speed transmissions only. (2 forward 1 reverse)No polished, light weight gears or straight cut gears. (Richmond case ok) No reverse mount bell housings and starters.
5. Steel driveshaft only painted white and a minimum diameter of 2” with 2 straps 1/8” x 2” minimum.
1. Steel racing wheels not to exceed 8 inches wide. 5/8” studs and 1-inch lug nuts mandatory.
2. Track approved tires only. No soaking or altering of tire in any manor allowed. Drivers soaking or altering tires will forfeit all purse and points for the event and all track points for the year.  Any illegal tire, in the judgment of Speedway Officials, will be confiscated.
3. No bleeders of any kind.
1. VP Spec Fuel and Track approved fuel only. This will be the only fuel permitted to be used and must be unaltered. Fuel samples may be taken at any time and tested. Alcohol, nitro-methane, nitrous oxide, other oxygenating agents, or other additives are not permitted. Use of such substances or additives will result in immediate D.Q.
2. Fuel cell mandatory, 22 gallon maximum capacity.
3. No electric fuel pumps.
4. OBERG Fuel Valve # SV-0828 or SRI # FFF-FSV Mandatory.
1. Unaltered Sealed 602 crates with GM or Series seals. The only exception is you are allowed to use the 604 crate engine oil pan (Recommended option) or 7” inexpensive steel oil pan (Retail $150.00 or Less) and receive weight break with Unaltered Holly 650 HP 4150-80541 four-barrel. with 1” aluminum spacer will receive a 75-pound weight break. Absolutely No Alterations!!!!!
2. Body of carburetor – no polishing, grinding, or drilling of holes permitted. No paint, epoxy or any other type of coating other than from carburetor manufacturer allowed inside or outside of carburetor. 
3. Any attempt to pull outside air other than down through venturis is not permitted. 
4. A minimum of two return springs is required. Throttle stops recommended.
1. V 8 only. GM 350, Ford 302 or 351, Chrysler 360
2. Maximum overbore and .060 plus .010 for clearance. Cast iron blocks only.
3. Any flat top pistons.
4. Connecting rods – any steel stock length.
5. Crankshaft-stock stroke and weight, no knife edging permitted.(48 pound minimum).
6. Camshaft –Any Hydraulic type or Flat Tappet cam allowed no rollers. Max. Lift .525 measured at valve and zero lash or cam lobe times rocker ratio.
7. Rocker arms optional, no shaft mount.
8. Engine height 4 1/4” from center of crankshaft to center of lower control arm bolts that must be in stock location and Engine offset maximum two (2) inches of centerline of front lower control arm bolts.
9. Forward most spark plug must be set back no further than upper ball joint ½” tolerance.
1. OEM GM, Ford, Mopar unmodified cast iron open chamber, GM no bowtie. All closed chamber heads must ADD 50 pounds. World Product S.R. #4360 or #4361, DART #10024360 or #10021070, & RHS #12400 or #12407 or ENQCH350C heads are the only approved aftermarket Heads.
2. Maximum valve size –GM 1.94″ intake 1.50″ exhaust, Ford Windsor 1.94″ intake 1.6″ exhaust –all other heads stock valve size for head used.
3. Stainless valves okay, no light weight. Valve springs optional with any steel retainer.
4. No porting, polishing or gasket matching of any kind allowed.
1. Any intake manifold with a maximum depth of 4 5/8 for bottom of carb to bottom of plenum.
2. No porting, polishing or gasket matching.
3. Carburetor Holley 4412 500cfm 2 barrel must pass track gauges.
4. FAST Ignition part # 6000-6701 only as produced from FAST and Mounted on right side out of reach of driver with dials pointed out the passenger side on original plate. The mag positive & negative shall be a maximum length of 62 inches. Must remain uncut or spliced and on top of dash in clear view,6200 chip for crates and 6400for built.
5. HEI ignition with a MSD soft touch rev limiter (not inside distributor with a 6200 chip for crates and 6400 for built Mounted on right side out of reach of driver.
5. Oil pan –any wet sump, no external oil pumps.
A. Only drivers may protest. Protesting drivers and protested cars must have finished in the top ten and be on the lead lap. All protests must receive an approval of the pit officials. Spite protests and unsportsmanlike-like protests will not be accepted.
B. All protests must be submitted to pit officials in writing within 10 minutes of feature race completion, and be accompanied by $250.00 CASH. The driver who wins the protest will receive $225.00.All engine protest fees must be paid in cash. P&G, Carburetor inspection $75, Whistler check $150 Track/Series retains $50; Top end tear down $800, Track/Series retains $150. Scope check of the crank area $150 Track/Series retains $50. Complete Motor Tear down $1,000, Track/Series retains $250.
C. Driver can only protest three times in one season and must wait three weeks before protesting again.
D. Drivers or cars found illegal forfeits all points and moneys earned for the entire race meet.
E. Refusal to comply with protest or to tear down when instructed by Speedway officials will result in a fine equal to protest amount, an automatic two race suspension and loss of points and moneys earned for the evening. Upon returning to competition driver must agree to tear down after racing events for free.SS


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