2016 Showtime Speedway Demolition Derby

All cars will be STOCK 4 or 6 cyl. Sedans, Compact or Mini Vans allowed.

Remove all flammable material, glass, plastic light covers etc. Except front windshield.

All frames, chassis components and bodies must remain STOCK.

NO plating, cutting or reinforcing of frames. Driver’s door only may be filled with concrete for driver’s protection.

Must install square or angle iron pipe/bar down BOTH driver side doors, It must start at rear of front fender and extend to front of rear quarter panel. Doors (both sides) must be chained, bolted or tack welded shut as to not come open.

Must install round tubing behind driver’s seat securely attached to B post from drivers side to passengers side of cars. Roll over bar is highly recommended.

If battery in relocated inside drivers compartment, it must fully enclosed in a battery box and securely mounted with 1” Metal straps. NO ratcheting or bunggy straps allowed. Must be located behind driver’s seat.

Stock fuel tank must be removed and replace with low profile style boat gas tank. Tank must be relocated in to middle of where rear passenger seat would be, securely mounted with two – one inch (1”) metal straps. NO up right tanks.

Two (2) All Treaded rods, one per side, may be used to secure front of hood. May run thru front frame horns thru top of hood. If hood is bolted shut, you MUST cut one hole at least 8” round for fire extinguisher if needed.

All 4 tires must be same size, NO grippers, solid filled or snow tires allowed. Must be inflated with air only

All entries must have a minimum 2 lb fire extinguisher securely mounted inside car. Must be easily removed and CANNOT be mounted with duck tape, hose clamps, etc


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