1. Any compact or subcompact car with factory steel top and body. Front or rear wheel drive okay.

2 Passenger car, station wagons or pickups only. No sport cars or van.

3. Maximum stock factory wheelbase of 104″ as factory listed for year make and model.

4. Car must be available for purchase in USA.



Chevette, Volkswagen & escort 2200 lbs with driver  56% left side weight.

All other single cam 2400 lbs with driver 56% left side weight.

Dual cam 2450 lbs with driver 55% left side weight.

All lead or ballast must be painted white with the car number on it and attached with 1 1/2″ bolt per 50 Lbs.


Complete factory stock body for year make and model.  No modifications or alteration of any kind except as outlined below.  May trim fenders and quarter panel skins only, leaving 4″ of original material below the lowest point of the original door line and or top body line, and replace it with 20 gauge steel. All replacement body panels must remain stock appearing to include the contour of the  body.  Doors  may be replace with 20 gauge steel.  Removal of interior parts which can be removed with hand tools okay.  All flammable interior parts must be removed.  Left and right doors may be gutted to install roll bats.  Window channels on doors may be removed. Four door cars may remove center door posts for roll cage installation.  All other parts must remain as placed by manufacturer in the original location.   Hood  and trunk lid may be gutted and must closed in stock position wit hood pins and or hinges.  No holes in hood unless adaptation of carburetor requires there to be a hole cut in hood.  Front inner fenders may be removed.  Complete stock floor pan and fire wall must be retained.  Trunk floor may be gutted between frame rails and 3″ in front and in back of fuel cell for fuel cell installation.  Side window okay.  Driver and passenger windows must remain open with the exception of the window net.  All cars must have clear windshield (Lexan strongly recommended) with 4″ white numbers and class identification in the top right corner.  No Plexiglas.  Stock factory brake and clutch pedal must be mounted in original factory stock location.  Must use gas pedal with toe strap.  All stock unaltered body mounts and rubber must be retained. Front and rear bumper covers okay.  6″  maximum spoiler not to exceed width of rear deck.

Chassis and Suspension:

OEM suspension Front and Rear.  Trucks may use non-adjustable lowering blocks, cutting ok.  Camber adjustment slots may be elongated at strut of at strut tower  Camber adjustment plates ok.  Stock sway bar mounted in stock location.  May be adjusted at A-Frame only. May bend sway bar.  6″ ride height min. Stock springs and stock strut,may cut springs.  No Racing Shocks.  Caster/Camber plates, adjustable ball joints, or slotting of the lower or upper control arm permitted for caster camber reason only.  Cars with late model suspension may cut upper control arm on passenger side to gain camber.  All cars must remain within 1/2″ of factory specs.


Any non roller hydraulics camshaft that maintains 15″ if vacuum at 1000 rpms.  Vehicles equipted with solid lift cams ma use mechanical camshaft and adhere to vacuum rules.

4-Cylinder engines only. No rotary engines.  Engines must remain strictly stock as produced by manufacturer except as outlined below.  No high performance engine or parts of any kind.  No turbo’s No porting, polishing,painting or grinding of any internal engine parts.  May use fuel injection heads and adapt normal carburetor in a manner approved by Tech.  Ford Pinto 2000cc and Toyota may use mechanical camshaft.  Shimming of lifters okay.  Three angle valve job okay.  FINAL CUT NO GREATER THAN 75.  Stainless steel valve okay.  No back cut, tulip, neck down, stainless valves.  Bronze guides okay.  Maximum over bore allowed is .060.  Stock crankshaft with stock stroke +/- .010.  Stock unmodified holley 2300 series model #7448, 350 cfm 2 barrel carburetor only, or OEM carburetor or OEM fuel injection.  Choke plate may be removed.  Any jets. Any power valve.  Any Squirters.  Maximum carburetor  adapter size 1.25″ including gaskets.  No air boxes around carburetor.  Cam adjuster or offset key ways ok. Aftermarket water pump drive pulley and aluminum radiator okay.  Electric fans are okay.  Electric fuel okay if block does not permit use of mechanical fuel pump.  Must have oil pressure safety switch.  Stock oil pan. Baffles may be installed.  No crank scrapers.  Engine components must have been available from the manufacturer in that model year.  Year of engine not interchangeable. Engine mount optional, stock location.  May chain or strap the torque side of engine only.  Any stock diameter valve spring.  No cutting of valve spring pocket. Retainer Optional.  Flat top engines may be zero deck.




12 Volt battery fired ignition only.  OEM distributor of ignition only.  No locking or altering of distributor.  No high performance ignition modules or coils. Alternators okay.


Drive Train

Rear end must be strictly stock for year, make and model of car.  May be locked.  No limited slip or lockers of any type . Must have stock transmission for make and model of car and must have all working gears.  Stock clutch and flywheel assembly for year make and model.  No lightening of any kind.   Standard transmissions must have a scatter shield or protective shield approved by tech.  May resurface flywheel on disc side only w/o bolts or bolts pockets.


Stock factory OEM 4 wheel working brakes only.  No brake bias devices of any kind.


Exhaust pipe must exit behind the driver and no larger than 2 1/2 inches all the way.  Exhaust may pass through passenger side door and must be sealed from driver’s compartment with 22 gauge steel.  Hole in floor pan may be no more the 1/2″ larger than exhaust pipe.  Must have over the counter muffler.  No shorty or racing muffler.


Maximum of 12 gallon fuel cell mandatory.  Cutting he trunk for the fuel cell is permitted.  fuel cell must be 22 gauge steel can.  NO FUEL ADDITIVES.


TRACK APPROVED TIRES ONLY.  steel racing or reinforced wheels not to exceed 8: wide.  Minimum 7/16″ studs with 1″  lug nuts on all four wheels.  No wheel spacers. No recaps.  No chemical treatment of tires.  May run different offset right to left.




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