2014 Showtime Speedway Pro Truck Rules


General Rules


Competitors are responsible for the actions of themselves, crew members, family and friends. Anyone who is deemed to have crossed the line in conduct, abuse toward a speedway official, other driver, owner or crew can be fined, disqualified or suspended.


Track Management will make the ruling on this and it will be communicated to the person deemed to have violated. You may not consume any alcoholic beverages during the racing event. You may not go to stands and drink and return to the pits. No drinking is allowed until after all racing is completed. No drinking in the tech area, if you act unprofessional your truck can be disqualified for your action of drinking and becoming uncontrollable. Fines and suspensions can be given as well.


Please maintain safe speed and control on any vehicles in the pits including racecar, tow vehicle, golf cart, truck, 4 wheeler, etc.




a.           You must be in top 10 and on lead lap to protest.

b.           Must be made in writing specifying the rule(s) considered to have been violated.

c.            All protests must be filed within 10 minutes of checker flag.

d.           Protest must be specific.

e.           If the truck is found to conform to the rules and the protest is disallowed, the protest fee will go to the protested truck. If the truck is found to be in violation of the rules and the protest is allowed, the protest fee will be returned to the protestor.

f.            All protest fees must be paid in cash. P&G, Carburetor inspection $50, Whisler check $150 Track retains $50, Top end tear down $500, Track retains $75. Scope check of the crank area $150 Track retains $50. Complete Motor Tear down $1,000, Track retains $150.

g.            Only the protested truck’s owner or driver, two crew, the protesting driver or owner who competed in the race, 1 crew member and Track officials in the tech area for the protest tech.

h.           More than one driver may protest any one truck if they meet the protest time and fee procedure, and the specific rule they are protesting.

i.            Visual protests are to be honored any time before the race and does not have to be in written form, but need to be brought to tech or Track official. The infraction must be either corrected or tech may use a weight penalty for that race if not able to fixed that day. Amount of weight is at the Tech Official’s discretion.

j.            Excessive protesting will not be tolerated and can result in disqualification, loss of points and possible disqualification. Track officials will determine this.

k.            Do not remove or alter any casting or Truck part numbers.

i.            Confiscation – Track officials reserve the right to retain or confiscate any illegal part or parts and engine on any racing vehicle at any time it is deemed in violation or question.

m.          Tech reserves the right to check any truck in the field at any time, in any finishing order if he chooses to. They must conform to rules, or face disqualification. Protest or tech tear down refusal: (includes engine, drive train etc.)


1.           Any truck owner/driver refusing any protest or tear down for any reason will lose all money, points, awards, trophies earned for that race date.


2.           The next race that truck will be inspected after race regardless of where it finishes.


3.           If the owner/driver refuses a second time they lose points and money for the night and any class points that have been earned year to date.


Qualifying Procedures:


1.           The driver that qualifies the truck must start the race in the truck. If a driver change is made the truck must start at tail of the field.

2.           Tires you qualify must be the tires you race on. Only tire changes allowed is due to a flat, with Track  Official approval.

3.           Tech will decide how many to tech after qualifying. This does not have to be announced prior to qualifying.


4.           A driver late for qualifying without having notified a Track Official will receive only 1 lap of time. Normal Qualifying will be two laps of time.


5.           Fast qualifier will draw a pill for inversion.


6.           In the event of a tie in qualifying the driver going first will get the time.


7.           You may tape up for qualifying.


***In the event that rain cancels qualifying – the lineup will be according to year-to-date points, and those without points will be placed in the order they signed into the pit office.


Race Procedures:


1.           Starts will be side by side at a designated spot given at driver meeting at each track, the flagman starts the race. No passes to the inside until you have crossed the start finish line.


2.           If a driver causes a false start, the second time the driver will be sent to the rear.


3.           When a caution is displayed lineup is determined by the last lap completed scoring.


4.           Restarts will be double file, leader will fire at designated spot given in driver’s meeting at that track. No passings on the inside until you have passed the restart line.


5.           If you go to the outside before green is displayed you are jumping, you will be penalized spots per truck jumped at next caution or at end of the race. If you realize it and give the spot back you will not be penalized.


6.           Races will be all green flag laps unless otherwise announced at an event.  In case of inclement weather, Track Officials can call a race complete at their discretion.


7.           When caution is displayed remain in single file order. If unsure of spot pull to outside of questioned spot officials will check and place you where you go.


8.           Any Truck (or trucks) involved in a caution are subject, at the discretion of the Track Officials, to be placed  at the rear of the lead lap.  If you stop on the track to bring out the caution and it is believed that it was intentional, you will be penalized to the end of the lead lap.


9.           NO track officials can work on your truck for any reason except a safety issue. You must go to the pits for work.


Driver Safety Rules:


1.          You must have proper rated 2008 or newer Snell approved helmet.


2.           A type of head and neck restraint is mandatory.


3.           Complete firesuits, gloves, and shoes are mandatory. All equipment must be in good condition. (No holes, etc.)


4.           Driver’s window net must have quick release, with latch at top left. Cannot be a string type window net  and must be 22” wide and 16” high. When latched must fit tight.


5.           Commercially made aluminum racing seats with rubber pads mandatory. Dual right and left side head restraints are highly recommended.


6.           Safety Harness 5 point minimum must be lesser than 5 years old.


7.           Proper resilient padding for roll bar use must be installed on roll cage around driver.


8.           Steering Wheel must be padded.


9.           Fully Charged fire extinguisher mandatory. On Board fire system is highly recommended.


10.         A battery disconnect switch is mandatory and must be easily accessible to the safety crew and driver, must be clearly marked with “on” and “off” and be readable by safety crew outside the truck.


11.         No truck to truck radios.


Truck Safety Rules:


1.           Drive shaft loops are mandatory within 12” of the ends.


2.           Exhaust exiting door must be flush, not extending past the body.


3.           Must have fluid catch can for radiator over-flow, no antifreeze.


4.           Battery and connection must be minimum 18” away from fuel cell.


5.           Roll cages must be built of 1 ¾ “ .095 thickness tubing minimum.


6.           Cages must be attached properly in at least 8 spots on the chassis.


7.           Minimum of 4 door bars on the left side, plated with 1/8 inch steel.


8.           All roll bars around driver must be padded.


9.           All joints must be welded properly, no cracks or gaps.


10.         Fuel cell must be between frame rails, with a maximum 22 gallon capacity.


11.         Must have a check valve.


12.         Fuel cell minimum ground clearance 7”.


13.         Fuel cell protection bar mandatory, minimum of 1” .095 thickness tubing.


14.         Fuel cell must have minimum of 2 straps, 1” wide surrounding entire fuel cell.


15.         No fuel cooling / altering devices allowed, Fuel must go straight from cell to carb.


16.         No electric fuel pumps.


17.         No fuel additives, at the track’s discretion, fuel can be tested at anytime.


18.         All weight added on truck must be bolted in with minimum ½ bolts, with locking nuts. There is a minimum of two bolts per 50 pounds of weight. Minimum 5 Lb blocks.


19.         All weights must be painted white, and have truck number on them.


20.         No weights allowed inside the driver compartment.


Pro-Truck Rules


Please be sure you have read and understand all these rules, if you do not please be sure to ask a Track Official for clarification. Not understanding the rules is not an excuse to break them. The word stock, used within the rules, means as originally produced by the manufacturer for that make/model/ and/or year of the truck. It is stock with no altering or modifications. Aftermarket parts must be same dimensions, weight, and/or volume as the OEM part. Determination of whether anything is legal will be the tech and Track Officials decision. No Carbon Fiber or Titanium permitted anywhere in the truck. No Traction control devices of any kind allowed. If it does not say you can do it, you probably can’t.  Talk to the Tech Director if you have any questions.  Do not assume anything.




a. Only GM Metric frame 1978-1987 may be used.


b. Must be original 108” wheelbase and be the same measurement on both sides, ½” tolerance.


c. Tread Width 64” front and rear. Spacers permitted, no more than 64 inches.


d. Chassis must remain stock unless otherwise specifically noted in rules.


e. Frame may be fabricated from 6” forward of the centerline of the rear axle and from front sway bar forward.


f. Frame can be X’d.


g. 6” minimum ride height on chassis.


h. Cross member must remain stock and in stock location, it may be notched for oil pan clearance only. Must be boxed with 1/8 inch steel.


i. All pick up points must remain stock in stock locations. Front Lower arms and rear trailing arms. No modifications to arms, holes, no drilling and lightening allowed.




a.           Front suspension components must remain stock, unless otherwise noted in another rule.

b.           Heavy-duty steel aftermarket hubs & rotors are required on the right front wheel.

c.            Springs must mount in stock location. Top of frame may be changed to add wedge bolts or to allow for  spring removal.

d.           Shocks must be mounted directly to the lower A arm.

e.           Pitman arm and steering arm may be changed, aftermarket center link is permitted.

f.            Stock inner tie rod, Outer tie rod may be a Heim joint.

g.            Aftermarket tubular upper A arms ok. Lower control arms must be stock. Both must be in stock location.

h.           No adjustable stock bolt on or screw in type ball joints. Lower ball joints must be stock. Dodge ball joints may be used only on top only.

i.            Coil spring rubber inserts are permitted, no leaf springs or torsion bars permitted.

j.            Steel, poly or mono ball bushings ok, no offset or eccentric bushings.

k.            Sway bar must be 1 piece stock 1 3/8” maximum diameter.

Note:  No rear panard or sway bars.

l.            Only 1 shock per wheel permitted. All shocks must be steel non adjustable. Maximum of $225.00 per shock. Internal parts must remain as purchased in a $225.00 shock. Adjustable shafts and canisters are not permitted. Rear mount location optional on the rear axle. Shocks can be claimed for $225 each. Refusal to sell is a DQ, loss of money and points for the event.  Tech can DQ truck for shocks if they exceed the $225.00 value as well and can be confiscated.

m.          Steering: Stock OEM steering box in stock location. Universal joints, up to three, can be put on steering shaft as well as Heim joints. Aftermarket power steering kits or steering ‘quickener’ kits may be utilized. Must be driven off the crankshaft.

n.           Spindles, bearings and hubs, Stock HD steel aftermarket hubs and rotors ok. Spindle savers are recommended. Steering arms must be same length on right and left.

o.           Distance between the centers of the bolts on the upper arms should be no less than 10 ¼ “. Bushings at both the front and rear of the trailing arms must be original rubber or polyurethane.




a.           See body template attached.

b.           Approved Showtime Speedway Truck body manufacturers are: ARP, Speedway Racing Bodies, Lightning Lite, and Five Star. May make own aluminum body pieces, but must be approved by Track Management and/or Tech, and fit templates.

c.            Series approved bodies are : 1997 – 2008 Chevy C-10, 1997 – 2008 Ford F150, 1997 – Dodge Ram

d.           Body must be entered in the center of the frame with wheels in center of wheel wells with 2” tolerance. All body parts must be attached firmly to cage or frame and is subject to approval.

e.           Body ground clearance is a minimum of 4 inches measured anywhere.

f.            All body support brackets must be solid and located inside the body structure.

g.            Nose Width is 81” max.

h.           Front air dams must maintain their original configuration.

i.            Maximum rake for roof is 1”.

j.            Minimum side window opening must be at least 16”. k. Front and Rear windows must be full six 1/8” Lexan.

l.            Front windshield brace is mandatory, 35 degree angle on windshield 1 degree tolerance.

m.          Both side windows may have 1/8” Lexan vents only, 9”high, 12” length max.

n.           Hoods to remain stock with the following changes allowed: An opening of 2.5” x 20” may be cut in the rear of the hood, centered behind air filter which will allow air intake. A 1.5” x 1.5” X 20” heat deflector may be installed on the fire wall at this opening.

o.           Rear Deck lids are mandatory, must be able to open for technical inspections.

p.           Rear deck lids can be fiberglass, sheet metal or aluminum. Must be flush with quarter panels.

q.           6” x 60” solid rear spoiler is mandatory. May have approved braces front side or back side, not on both sides. 55 Degree Minimum angle

r.            Stock rear bumper cover is mandatory. Must be complete without modification. Must have full 90 degree flap on the bottom edge, no cutting allowed.

s.            1 inch square tubing may be used for rub rails, bolts cannot protrude outward.

t.            Rear deck height minimum 36”, max 40”. (different from body template sheet.)



a.           Vehicle interior must be complete and shield driver from the ground, engine compartment and fuel cell area.

b.           Floors must be steel and the rest of the compartment can be from steel or aluminum, but must be fully enclosed and extend from left to right side of truck.

c.            Truck must have a rear firewall of steel to separate driver from fuel tank. Firewall may be welded, riveted or bolted.

d.           May have installed dash panels, no digital gauges.


Rear ends:

a.           Rear differential housing must be stock steel 7.5” – 10 bolt GM or 9” Ford housing.

b.           Brackets for mounting trailing arms must be in stock location with stock mounts.

c.            Rear spring perch must remain on the top of the axle tube.

d.           Ring gear and pinion must be stock and mount directly in housing.

e.           Only stock ring and pinion, off the shelf available gears allowed. No custom ground or lightened gears allowed. GM 273-456 gears, Ford 310-456 gears.

f.            C Clip eliminators are optional.

g.            Welded spider gears and mini-spools allowed.

h.           Any stock fitting differential cover ok.

i.            Moser 26 spline axle mandatory on the right side.

j.            No posi- traction units or locker type rear spider.

k.            Only stock steel/cast carrier allowed.

l.            Solid steel axles only.


Tires and Wheels:


a.           8” steel racing wheels with any offset, no wheel weights.

b.           Hubs must have 5/8” wheel studs.

c.            Tires must be Showtime Speedway approved 8” Hoosier treaded tires only.

d.           No bleeders.

e.           Up to four new tires may be purchased for each racing event.

f.            450 Left side tire / 650 Right side – No tire soaking.



a.           You must use GM stock single piston calipers, single piston-  Howe is allowed, must be steel.

b.           All four brakes must be in full working condition.

c.            Rear disc brakes are mandatory.

d.           Rotors must be steel or cast iron and brake hats may be steel or aluminum.



a.           Only GM Turbo 350, Ford C4 or C6, and Chrysler 904 or 727 automatic transmissions allowed with following exceptions. No drilling or lightening on the transmission or interior parts except the following items for oiling purposes. Front Planetary Reaction Gear per spec – see tech for spec sheet. Sun shell cover (must be a solid stock type) may be drilled at back per spec – see tech for spec sheet. (No big hole sun shells allowed).

b.           Must have all forward and reverse gears working. No modifications.

c.            GM Turbo 350 may use 2.75 low gear – 1.57 second gear option. No turbo 200/250 parts may be used in 350 transmission.

d.           Replacing thrust washers with bearings ok.

e.           No aluminum or billet parts allowed in transmission. f. Removal of Governor ok.

g.            Manual shift valve body permitted.

h.           Reverse shift pattern ok.

i.            Torque convertor must be minimum diameter of 10” and working.

j.            Transmission coolers with fans ok. All cooling lines must be steel braided with screw on fittings.

k.            Safety Bell Housing and/or flexplate shield allowed.

l.            Solid output shafts only, no drilled, hollowed shafts. Hollowed shafts will not be allowed in 2013 series.

m.          JW Transmissions,TCI Transmissions or others allowed as long as they meet these rules.

n.           Drive shaft: Steel only, must be painted white with truck number on it.


Engines :


Engines Built type:

1. Stock cast iron production blocks only. Gm 305, Ford 302,Dodge 318

2. Any questions/concerns regarding the legality of internal parts should be directed to the Tech Director, prior to racing.

3. Showtime Speedway reserves the right to use weight to penalize violations, equal competition and will do so at their discretion with fairness in mind.

4. Blocks

1. May be studded in mains only, no aftermarket caps, may be four bolt if that was available.

2. Maximum of .060 + .010 wear, no sleeve down blocks

3. All factory casting numbers must remain, may add oil screens and paint block.

4. Minimum deck height on all are .000. That means no part of the piston may come past deck surface.

5. No altering of lifter bore.

6. Blocks must maintain OEM type bearings in the main and cam journals.



For all brands NON-CRATE

1. Only factory production, cast iron heads that are OEM for the engine type being used and produce the factory specified volumes, are permitted.


1. Minimum combustion chamber volumes: Chevy 52cc, Ford 52cc, and Dodge 56cc.

2. No porting, port matching, excessive decking beyond the chamber minimum volume, angle milling, chamber polishing, or grinding allowed.

3. Stainless steel valves are legal.

4. Three angle valve jobs allowed.

5. Any type guide material may be used. The valve guides must be in the stock factory location, angle, and spacing.

6. Valve springs must be of the stock type. No triple, conical, beehives, or progressive springs allowed.

7. Valve stems must be stock height only.

8. Retainers must be steel or chrome-molly steel only. Valve spring retainers must be stock type only. Plus or minus height retainers are allowed.

9. Valve spring keepers must be stock type only. Seven or ten degree locks may be used. No spring cups.

10. All heads must have visible and unaltered casting numbers.



1. Any stock 305 head # 12558059,#12529180 also allowed. Part number 1023906 head not permitted. Engine quest CH305b allowed.

2. 52 cc minimum

3. Stock valve 1.84 intake/1.50 exhaust. Stainless steel replacement valves permitted.

4. No interior deburring, polishing or hand blending permitted.

5. Studs may be pinned or screw in studs and guide plates ok.

6. Stud girdles ok

7. 1.5 roller rockers ok.



1. Dodge Magnum heads up to 97 are ok.

2. Stock 318 heads ok.

3. 56cc minimum

4. 1.84 intake, 1.54 exhaust valve size on 318 heads w/ 1.5 roller rockers

5. 1.94 intake, 1.54 exhaust valve size on magnum heads w/1.6 roller rockers

6. No interior deburring, polishing or hand blending permitted.

7. Studs may be pinned or screw in studs and guide plates ok.

8. Stud girdles ok



1. The Ford GT-40, GTP 40 heads or 302 heads ok.

2. 52cc minimum

3. Stock valve 1.84 intake/1.50 exhaust. Stainless steel replacement valves permitted.

4. No interior deburring, polishing or hand blending permitted.

5. Studs may be pinned or screw in studs and guide plates ok.

6. Stud girdles ok

7. 1.6 roller rockers ok.



1. Chevy # 7101,7116, 2116 / Ford # 7121 / Dodge # 7176

2. No porting , polishing or coatings in runners.

3. No milling.

4. Dodge # 7176 may be modified to fit magnum heads.

5. No laser treating or micro holes allowed in intake.

6. Must have vacuum port to hook up vacuum gauge for testing.



1. Rod length Chevrolet 5.700, Ford 5.090, Chrysler 6.125.

2. No lightening, beam polishing, or exterior machine work allowed on rods, except slight bob weight removal for balancing.

3. OEM or OEM appearing after-market rods are permitted – may be floated or press fit pins.

4. No aluminum or titanium rods.

5. Fasteners engine builder’s option.



1. Flat top or dished top pistons. No reverse dome or D cup allowed.

2. Wrist pin must remain in OEM position.

3. Cast, forged or hypereutectic allowed.

4. No lightweight pins.



1. Only OEM or stock replacement Chevy, Dodge, and Ford cast iron or steel crankshafts are legal with OEM stroke.

2. No O.D. turning, lightening, knife edging, weight polishing, or cross-drilling for weight removal will be allowed, except for “Mallory Metal”, or minimal metal removal for balancing.

3. Any type harmonic dampener or flywheel may be used, SFI approved units encouraged.

4. Minimum weights- Ford 32lbs, Chevy 48lbs, & Dodge 48lbs.



1. Flat tappet or hydraulic cam, maximum lift .474/.510 duration engine builders option.

2. Lifters stock size hydraulic , anti-pump up or solid

3. No lightweight push rods allowed. Push rods may be sized to length to fit geometry. No rev-kits, offset rocker arms, roller lifters, light weight lifters, coated lifters, mushroom lifters, or oversize lifters are permitted.

4. Stock or roller timing chains are allowed Torrington Thrust Bearings, to prevent block wear, are legal. No gear to gear or belt drives allowed. Cam thrust-buttons are allowed. Camshaft Degree optional.



602/603 Crate engine must follow the GM Performance parts Technical Manual. If it is not listed don’t do it unless you have spoken to tech and have your rule book signed and carry with you to tech. A tech bulletin will then follow for all racers to see the clarification or change.

1. Option valve springs stock diameter , no double springs max 130 lbs. Comp # 941 is a valid spring.




5. Deck height .014 minimum


7. Must use factory intake gasket ,other gaskets engine builders choice , but must maintain compression ratio.

8. May use Clevite bearings , cannot be coated bearings nor-use undersized bearings. Must be direct replacement bearings

9. All hard parts must be factory GM parts.

10. Fasteners rod,main bolts must be same crate motor type as shipped. Other fasteners option of engine builder except if they were a bolt must remain as a bolt.

11. MAX overbore .030 + .010 for wear. No tolerance over those numbers.

12. When changing head gasket to other than factory gasket push rods may be changed to except hardened push rods. At that time guide plates may be added. No light weight push rods , cannot be adjustable style.

13. Camshaft must be a stock out of the box camshaft from Gm if you decide to regrind it is wrong. Cam doctor will be used at any time when Showtime Speedway feels it needs to.



1. M6007S347JR MAY USE M6513-BH valve springs this is a beehive spring @ 130# or comp 26918.

2. This engine must follow the Ford Racing Technical Manual.

3. Must maintain 10.7:1 compression ratio (according to new Manual)

4. Mininum deck height .010 +/- .0050

5. Max overbore .040+.010 for wear

6. Fasteners rod,main bolts must be same crate motor type as shipped. Other fasteners option of engine builder except if they were a bolt must remain as a bolt.



1. May use m6513-bh bearings.

2. Intake to be used must be a Ford m-9024-7351 or performer # 7181 only.

3. 52cc minimum on heads

4. Must maintain 9.3:1 compression ratio

5. Fasteners rod,main bolts must be same crate motor type as shipped. Other fasteners option of engine builder except if they were a bolt must remain as a bolt.



1. Due to several cam combo’s these are the numbers that are legal. M6250-e303 , m6250-x303 and m6250-z3003.

2. Minimum deck height .014

3. Refer to Ford Performance Manual for any other details.

4. Max 030 + .010 for wear overbore .


Dodge 360

1. Refer to Mopar Performance for any other details.

2. Intake manifold p5007381 casting number p4510018

3. 50cc minimum on cylinder heads

4. Must maintain 9.3:1 compression ratio

5. Minimum deck height 9.56 +/- .005

6. Max overbore .040+.010 wear

7. Magnum heads use 1.7 rocker ratio 360 heads use 1.6 rockers

8. Fasteners rod,main bolts must be same crate motor type as shipped. Other fasteners option of engine builder except if they were a bolt must remain as a bolt.


Misc All engines:



1. Carburetor- Holley 4412,500 cfm with a maximum 1.065 spacer/adapter between intake and carburetor. Changing of jets ,power valve, drilling holes in butterflies permitted.

2. Choke horn may be removed.

3. Venturi area must not be altered or reshaped in any way. The casting ring may not be removed. Must remain as produced by the manufacturer.

4. Base plate must not be altered in any way. All openings must be permanently plugged.

5. No additional air to be picked up below the openings of the venturi such as altered gaskets, base plate, or holes drilled into the carburetor.

6. Carburetor Booster: Booster type may not be changed. Booster size and shape must not be altered. Height and location of the booster must remain as manufactured.

7. Throttle shaft must remain stock and may not be thinned or cut in any manner. Screws may be flush with shaft. No other work to screws.


Air cleaner

1. Air box optional

2. A round un-altered air cleaner element with a maximum diameter of fourteen (14) inches with a maximum height of four (4) inches is required. All air must be filtered thru this filter.

3. No duct work added to air cleaner.


Fuel system

1. Fuel pump-stock mounted mechanical pump only, brand optional.

2. The fuel cell must be completely enclosed in a magnetic steel container made from no less than 22-gauge magnetic steel.

3. The use of ice, wet or dry, for the purpose of cooling the engine, air cleaner, or fuel system is not allowed.

4. Maximum fuel cell capacity is 22 gallons. Fuel cell must be centered in chassis. Fuel cell frame must maintain a minimum ground clearance of 8-inches without the driver.

5. Replacement of steel fuel lines with steel braided fuel lines is highly recommended.

6. Track Officials reserves the right to test the fuel at any time.

7. No fuel additives.


Cooling & Oiling system

1. Stock type replacement water pump, no electric.

2. Electric fan ok.

3. Radiator- aluminum ok, must have catch can mounted in front of firewall. Recommended to have a overflow hose mounted to rh corner of windshield.

4. Water wetter ok, no anti-freeze may be used.

5. Oiling system- must be wet sump system, remote filters permitted, racing pan ok.

6. No two-stage or belt driven oil pumps allowed.



1. System may not exceed 3” od anywhere.

2. Headers optional,or “up and over” (crossover) headers with a maximum 3” collectors are legal. 3” exhaust pipes the rest of the way out.

3. 180-degree headers ok.

4. Exhaust equalizer “H” and “X” pipes are permitted.

5. All exhaust system must exit past the driver’s compartment. The minimum exhaust system ground clearance is 3 inches.

6. Stepped headers allowed.

7. Iron lung & tri Y headers ok.


Engine location:

1. Must be centered between frame rails, 1” tolerance.

2. Crankshaft height is 12” from center of the crank to the ground.


Engine placement is measured from the spark plug (closet to the radiator) centerline to an imaginary line projected between the left and right upper a arm ball joint as follows below:

1. All Chevrolets: 4 inches on the drivers side forward of the ball joint.

2. Fords 1.75 inches on passenger side forward of ball joint.

3. Dodge 1.75 inches on the drivers side forward of ball joint.

Minimum 15” of vacuum at 950 RPM.

a. Battery – Single Battery 12 volt system only.

b. MSD box with chip capability – mandatory. (Chips not scheduled to be used at this time, but you need to have the capability) No crank triggers, No magnitos

**** All engines, must have an inspection hole w/plug (minimum 1″) for use of a scope to check crank area. Speak with Tech Director for right location.


a. Built Chevy 305 motor 2900 lb. 57% left.

b. Built 302 Ford 302 motor 2850 lb. 57% left.

c. Built 318 Dodge motor 2850 lb. 57% left.

d. ZZ4 Crate Motor with factory seals 2850 58% left

e. ZZ4 Crate motor – non factory sealed, opened – 2950 lb. 56% left.

f. Ford M6007S347JR Crate motor factory sealed – 2850 lb. 57% left.

g. Ford M6007S347JR non factory sealed, open – 2950 lb. 56% left.

h. All other previously approved engines, 2950 lb. 56% left. All rules to these engines will revert to previous rule books and at the Tech Director’s discretion.

i. These weights can be adjusted at the Tech Director and Track Management’s discretion to equalize the competition, with notice.


All Engine Builders must supply to the Tech Director a build sheet on their motors Management. for reference.  These will be kept only by the Tech Director and Track Management.


The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM THE PUBLICATION OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended entirely as a guide for the conduct of the sport and in no way guarantee against injury or death to any participant, spectator or official. The race director or Head Tech Inspector shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in their opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATIONS OR DEVIATIONS. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials and is final and binding. On occasion when situations arise that are not covered by written rules herein, special rulings may be put into effect by the track officials. Once such rulings are acted upon, they may become an act of policy and will be added to the existing rules of procedures.
The Management of Showtime Speedway
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