Thursday, Feb 20:Dave Steele World non wing Championship 125-NYPA TQ Midgets-Mini Figure 8’s

Strictly Stock-Ford 4.6 Division Oval

Noon – Pit Area Opens NOON – Driver’s Meeting 1:00pm to 1:30pm FOR SPRINTS


4PM Regular practice start 4pm to 6pm

Driver’s meeting 6:30pm

Races Start 7pm


QUALIFICATIONS: There will be one sessions of qualifying for this event. Round One: Thursday. Pit Office opens at NOON track opens for practice at 2:PM; time trials start at 2:30 p.m. and end at 4 p.m. (Florida time). A maximum of 120 minutes, time starts when officials announce the track is ready.

To qualify, a driver will take the green flag and run four consecutive laps with the total time for the four laps being his official time. A driver may wave off before completing his fourth lap if he/ she is not satisfied with the time but only three qualifying attempts will be permitted for any car. Taking the green flag shall be considered an attempt. The fastest 15 cars after Round One cannot be bumped from the field. All awards and monies will be determined by Round One qualifiers.

Friday, Feb21:

Saturday, Feb22:

Sunday, Feb 23: 10:30am – Pit Area Opens 11:30am

FRIDAY, MAY 24 – Qualifications (Round Two)

Round Two is open for the 34th qualifier and all slower cars not previously qualified. Sixteenth position through 33rd position will be permitted to qualify in round two if they are bumped from the field. All cars will be permitted only two attempts in Round Two qualifications. Taking the green flag is considered an attempt. Once a car is officially qualified it may not be re-qualified regardless of change of owner or driver. The person qualifying the car must start the race as driver of the car unless an exception is granted due to circumstances approved by track officials.Cars qualifying in round Two forfeit the time recorded in Round One. All cars in the qualifying line at the end of time alloted, and have an attempt left, will be granted one opportunity to qualify.

ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATION RULES: Once a car has qualified on either day, it cannot be re-qualified on that day. A car may only keep one qualifying time per day. If a car is bumped on Thursday, it may take another qualification time on Friday. A car that has qualified on Thursday may be withdrawn from the field, but will only be permitted to re-qualify on Friday. A car which has qualified on Friday, may not be withdrawn from the field and requalified. A driver who has already qualified a car for the field may not qualify another car. One car per driver. Numberchanges or ownership changes of a car does not restore additional qualifying attempts for that car. Attempts to circumvent this rule will not be tolerated.

PIT STOPS: All cars will be required to make two mandatory pit stops. One stop must be made before the 251st lap and the other stop may be made at any time at the discretion of theowner or driver. Any car completing the race which has not made the two mandatory pit stops will be penalized a total of five laps for each pit stop not taken. A pit stop under red does not count towards mandatory stops. NO PRESSURIZED REFUELING SYSTEMS ALLOWED. A pace car will be used during all yellow flag conditions. No one may pit during a yellow until the pits are marked open by the pit Flagman. A driver may not pit under yellow until they have passed the pit flagman displaying the green, pit open flag. Pitting early will result in a one-lappenalty for each infraction. Cars must come to a complete stop and push trucks must be used to start and move cars on pit road during the race.

TYPE OF CARS: Only normal traditional sprint car bodies will be permitted. Supermodified or Roadster type bodies are not permitted. No rear-engine sprinters or wings. NO OFFSET CHASSIS ALLOWED. All cars shall be rear wheel drive only. The rear axle offset shall be determined by measuring from the farthest portion of the wheel to the centerline of the rear axlecenterline assembly. The maximum distance allowed is forty-three inches. The total overall width is seventy-eight inches, front and rear. All cars must be equipped with roll cages. Cars must have full belly pan. Additionally, all cars must utilize a BLANKET underneath the belly pan. FUEL CELL WITH BLADDER IS MANDATORY. Fuel tanks may not protrude from the body of the car nor shall it cause lines of car to be altered out of shape or exposed outside the body and must be located in a standard, safe location. All cars must weigh a minimum of 1,300 lbs before, during and after qualifying and the race without the driver. No starters or clutches are permitted on cars at any time. Methanol ONLY. Gasoline is prohibited.

TIRES: Tires limited to 20-inch cross-section maximum (measured with hoop). All cars must start the 2020 Dave Steele World Final 125 on the same tires that were used to qualify their car. Cars in violation of this rule shall be moved to the rear of the field and penalized (1) one lap. All cars must utilize “Hoosier” tires. All tires for the event will be available at Showtime Speedway but you must purchase The Right Rear from Showtime Speedway during the event the right rear will be impounded.

PARTICIPANTS: Car owners, drivers and pit persons must sign a liability release at pit gate and pay fees before entering the pit area. Any participant in pit area using abusive language or threatening or performing bodily harm to any official on or off the track will automatically be disqualified and forfeit any and all monies due to them.

All teams starting the Little 500 will be required to purchase a minimum of 30 gallons of fuel for the race from the Anderson Speedway fuel vendor on Saturday, May 25th. The fuel truck willbe available to fuel rigs in the infield between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm on Saturday. The price of the fuel will be at the competitive rate for this area. This rule is to insure we can obtain sufficientfuel for all competitors for the race. If a team does not purchase the required amount of fuel from the Speedway fuel vendor on Saturday, the amount of the price of 30 gallons of fuel will be deducted from prize winnings.

SAFETY: Each crew will be required to have at least one 20 lb. dry chemical fire extinguisher in their assigned pit. Seat belts shall be inspected for production date. Seat belts must have a production date after January 2014. Helmets must conform to Snell Foundation standard and have confirmation sticker visible for inspection. No fluids, besides water or fuel, may be added to a car during the event without consent of a race official. All cars are subject to safety approval by race officials.

GENERAL RULES: Must See Racing Xtreme Sprint Series and United States Speed Association are the official sanctioning bodies of the Little 500. However, Anderson Speedway officials are in complete charge and control of this event. Their decisions shall be final. All 33 starting cars are to be in the pits by 4:15 p.m., Saturday, May 25th. Pits will be closed at that time andalternates will be assigned. In case of rain, 251 laps constitutes a race. If the race is considered complete with less than 500 laps complete, only one pit stop will be required. A pit stop underred will require the car to restart at the rear of the field. Any work done on a car during a red flag must be done in the pits. (Consult race officials with any questions.) As a safety precaution, cars deemed by the chief steward to be slow or driven erratically will be black flagged. One way radios with race control is required. All teams must supply a spotter, monitor race control

and have radio communication with driver. All Entrants must use wooden bases under jacks and jack stands to prevent damage to asphalt track and pit areas. NO DUPLICATE NUMBERS-Letters accompanying a number will not be considered adequate. Number preference will be assigned based on qualifications. Rain date will be Sunday, May 26, 2019 at 8:00 p.m.

PAY LESS SUPER MARKETS, INC. is the title sponsor and United Auto Workers/General Motors is the presenting sponsor of the 71st Annual “Little 500.” Purse summary on the front page indicates the amount of expected purse as of this writing. Additional monies and distributions will be posted in writing.

ALL drivers are REQUIRED to attend the driver’s meeting and autograph session! Additional race procedural rules will be distributed prior to the race


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