2021 Showtime Speedway General Rules


A. All drivers are to be registered one hour before the race event start time. Any driver that fails to register will start at the rear of their first race in the event. No exceptions.

B. Pull pill is completed electronically, with pills 1 to 40 via MyRacePass.

C. Heat Race Line Ups – All heat race lineups are determined by pull pill. ** Drivers who routinely do not take their spot in the heat race and choose to elect to the rear will lose the right to pull a pill.

1. The number of entries determines the number of heat races

a. 10 entries or less – 1 heat

b. 11 to 20 entries – 2 heats

c. 21 or more entries – Heat races scheduled per every 10 entries.

D. TIME TRIALS SYSTEM- (promoter’s option) In the event a promoter 

requests time trials in place of heat races, no qualifying order is used, but failure to be in staging for qualifying, race management has the right to reduce the number of laps or refuse the right to qualify.

E. Pro 8 Feature Winners will start 12th the following week.

F. Feature lineups – Lineups are determined by pull pill.

1. Winner of 1st Heat will go to the office to pull a pill. Failure to pull a pill will result in a penalty. See below

2. Number of pills for pull pill

a. 13 or less cars. Pills 3 and 4 will be utilized to start Feature lineup inversion and apply to rows, not cars. Failure to pull a pill will result in 4-row inversion, the driver starting 9th place, and the inside row moving up.

b. 14 to 20 entries – pills 3, 4, and 5 will be utilized to start Feature lineup inversion and apply to rows, not cars. Failure to pull a pill will result in 5-row inversion, the driver starting 11th place, and the inside row moving up.

c. 21 and more entries – pills 4,5 and 6 will be utilized to start Feature lineup inversion and apply to rows, not cars. Failure to pull a pill will result in 6-row inversion.

d. For events where qualifying is used, the pull pill will be determined by race management.

e. Race management has the right to add pills 1 and 2 at any time if drivers are intentionally finishing heat races in 3rd or 4th place.

f. Under 8 cars, all rows will be inverted.

G. Determining Rows

a. Heat 1 will start on the inside row.

b. Heat 2 will start on the outside row.

c. If only one heat, an odd finishing spot will start on the inside, and an even finishing spot will be outside.

d. If there are three and more heats races, heat 1 and heat 2 winner will be row 1, heat 3/ 4 winner be row 2. If only 3 heats, heat 1 2nd place will be outside row 2. etc.

1. Drivers who win two or more weeks in a row will start 12th with their row moving up.

1. Drivers who are disqualified post-race by tech, or drivers qualified for unsportsmanlike conduct during the race/post-race, will start at the rear for their next feature. 

H. “B” MAIN (if necessary)- If a car count above twenty four (24) signs in for a given event, it may be required to run a “B” Main to fill out the field. The “B” Main will receive no points or money for this race, but the top (TBD) finishers will transfer to the A-Main


1. All drivers, car owners and crew are responsible for knowing and complying with all class, racing, safety and flag rules.

2. Any injury that occurs to any driver, pit crew or spectator must be immediately relayed to the Track Manager, Danielle Yoho, ASAP. All injuries have to be reported within 24 hours to (727) 545-3596 or Robert Yoho at (727) 430-4760.

3. Everyone entering the pit area must sign a release.(3.1.) No one under the age of 16 is allowed in the pit area unless pre-approved by the Track Manager. (3.2.) A parent or guardian must sign a special release form for minors for the season, and must sign minors in at each event. (3.3.) Parent or guardian must accompany the minor(s) in the pit area.

4. Admission wristband must be worn at all times, no exceptions.

5. The Track Manager has the right to refuse entry of any car, driver, or pit crewman to the pit area or grandstands.

6. Glass containers are not allowed in pit area, backstretch, or grandstands.

7. No consumption of alcoholic beverages before, during, or after any events in the pit area is allowed. The Track Manager and Pinellas Park Police Department will deal with any car owner, driver, or crewman under the influence of alcohol.

8. Alcoholic beverages and controlled substances are not allowed in the pit area until after the races. Failure to obey this rule by any crew member of the team will result in a penalty at the track’s discretion, anywhere from a fine to removal to removal from the track property 


1. Showtime Speedway is private property. Through your entrance ticket, you have been given the privilege to be present on this property for the purpose of attending the racing activities. Showtime Speedway Management reserves the right to revoke and cancel this privilege at any time if it is determined that your presence and conduct are not in the best interest of the sport of auto racing, your fellow competitors, the fans, Showtime Speedway Officials or management.

2. We expect courteous conduct from all participants at all times. Everyone has an image to uphold for the fans and reputation of Showtime Speedway. We will not tolerate profanity in front of the fans, officials or management.

3. Showtime Speedway will not tolerate unsportsmanlike conduct. Any car in the opinion of the race director or head official in charge that feels a car intentionally causes a yellow flag may be disqualified from that event. Car owners, drivers, pit crew, and spectators must remain in their respective pit area in the event of a dispute. If they do not comply, they may be subject to suspension, loss of points and pay and/or a fine. Any fighting that occurs is subject to arrest and prosecution and will be deferred to the Pinellas Park Police Department.

4. Any car owner, driver, pit crew, or spectator guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct will be suspended from Showtime Speedway at the Track Manager’s discretion.

5. Any car owner, driver, pit crew, or all crew members may be penalized if they do not comply with the rules.

6. The Track Manager reserves the right to retain purse money to settle unpaid tires, fuel, fines, and admission fees.


GREEN: Start / restart race

BLUE w/ YELLOW STRIPE: Passing or move over. This will be displayed to cars that are being lapped. MOVE TO BOTTOM LANE. 

YELLOW: Caution, pace lap speed, single file. Hold position, no passing.

RED: Danger, race is stopped immediately.

BLACK: Pull off track for consultation.

WHITE: One lap to go.

CHECKERED: End of race.

1. On a red flag, cars must stop as soon and safely as possible. Any cars not confirming to the red flag are subject to DQ. Cars that enter the pits will go to the rear of the field when racing resumes.

2. Cars do not race back to the caution, if the white flag has been displayed you will come to a checkered as long as the leaders can get back to the checkered flag; if the yellow is needed to be displayed on the white, we will restart with a Green/White/Checkered. We will make two attempts at the Green/White/Checkered. No Green/White/Checkered for heat races. 

2A. There will be 1 attempt at a double-file restart on Green/White/Checkered, and then 1 single-file restart if we do not have a completed race. There will be no 3rd attempt. 

3. If a caution occurs, the order in which the car crosses the start/finish line on the last completed lap will set the restart lineup. If there is a yellow before the first lap is completed, there will be one attempt at a complete restart with all cars returning to their original starting position, this is at discretion of speedway management. A second yellow will result in the ALL Involved rule.

4. Any driver that refuses to go to the rear or change any position as directed will be penalized one lap.

5. Any car receiving the black flag will immediately exit the track. If this car does not exit after two laps, any further laps made will not be scored until the black flag is acknowledged.

6. If the checkered flag is thrown inadvertently, the race is over and considered final.


Time Trails and Heat Races

Finish Points Double Points

1st 6 12

2nd 5 10

3rd 4 8

4th 3 6

5th 2 4

6th-Field 1 2


Finish Points Double Points

1st 25 50

2nd 23 46

3rd 22 44

4th 21 42

5th 20 40

6th 19 38

7th 18 36

8th 17 34

9th 16 32

10th 15 30

11th 14 28

12th 13 26

13th 12 24

14th 11 22

15th 10 20

16th 9 18

17th 8 16

18th 7 14

19th 6 12

20th – 5 10 through the field.

A. Points will be awarded EVERY time your class competes. There will be NO DROPS in 2021.

B. Points are awarded to the driver if the driver takes the initial green flag and completes a lap. If you take warm up laps prior to the feature, you will be rewarded 5 points.

C. Criteria to receive full points and payout:

1. Must start initial green flag under own power; and

2. Must complete (1) lap under own power during the course of the

race unless yellow is thrown on initial start

  • The track has the right to reduce pay (to $0 – to full pay) at track discretion for failure to take the green or complete one lap
  • The track has the right to reduce pay on any car if the black flag is issued to the same driver or car multiple weeks for same infraction (I.E. race pace)

D. If you experience problems that night, you may borrow a car ONLY in your class. Track Registrar must be informed of the changes before the start of the race. Driver will start at the rear of the field. Failure to notify the track register will result in disqualification, 0 points, $0 payout.

  • Even if the driver owns both cars
  • The only exception is if the change happens prior to start of event night (7pm)

E. If you alternate drivers each week, please inform the track registrar when signing in

F. To receive point money, you must start the main event 80% of the season and attend the awards banquet. 

G. Disqualifications

1. Post-race Tech

a. You will forfeit all race points and money for the event, including

heat and qualifying points (also start at rear for next event)

b. 2nd offense you will forfeit ALL accumulated points for that points


c. Upon returning to competition, you MUST go thru tech to

prove the infraction has been corrected prior to competition.

2. Unsportsmanlike conduct

a. You will forfeit all race points and money for the event, including

heat and qualifying points (also start at rear for the next event)

H. Points are not carried over if you move to another division.

J. Points money must be claimed at the end of the season. Money will not be carried over to the next season.

K. If you contest the points or have any other issues with the results, contact the Track Manager or race director directly to review and address the problem. (No one else).

L. It is the driver’s and Car Owner’s responsibility to ensure the correct addresses, names, sponsor names, and financial information is in order before their 1st race of the year.


1. Drivers cannot switch from one division to another without the authorization of the Track Manager.

2. No driver can qualify (2) cars in any one division.

3. In the event that (2) cars post the same lap time during time trials, the car to post the fastest other lap time will be given the top position.

4. If pit lane becomes empty during time trials, a time limit of (5) minutes will be set before the next division will be called.

5. In the event that (2) or more cars cross the finish line at the same time in the race, the flagman or race director makes the final decision.

6. No car owner, driver, pit crew or spectator will approach the flag stand or race control (scoring tower) to protest anything during the race program. If one needs a question answered, one must see the Track Officials at the end of the event.

7. Drivers may review the score sheet in a gentlemanly manner.

8. The decisions of the speedway officials on interpretation of rules and race procedure will be final.

9. No car owner, driver, pit crew, or mechanic shall have any claim for damages, expenses or otherwise against the Track Manager or Track Officials by reason of disqualification or damage to car, driver, or pit crew.

10. The race may be stopped or called off due to the condition of the track, weather, or lateness of the hour at the Track Manager discretion.

11. Any race will be considered completed if 1/2 of the laps are completed, and a winner determined if it is necessary to call a race.

12. You can only run ONE car in any division per night with the exception of Ford Division and Figure 8. You may run a Ford 4.6 as a Ford 4.6 Figure 8, D1, or D2 or Mini Stock as a Mini Figure 8, but you must purchase a second pit pass(double-dip).

13. Amendment 3/26/21 A driver is subject to ‘double dipping’ unless they are driving more than one class and the cars they are running are NOT receiving pay under another driver.


1. Drivers must wear approved safety helmets. Helmets must meet the specifications set forth in Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Regulations or American National Standards Institute Inc., or SFI.

2. Driver fire suits are mandatory. Fire retardant gloves, shoes, and neck protection are required.

3. Five point seat harness required. Must be mounted to the roll cage. Belts must be in good condition and no older than (4) years from date of manufacture. Safety belts and straps must be used at all times while on track.

4. No homemade seats allowed. No holes in seats or lightweight seats.

5. Quick release steering wheel. Couplers are highly recommended.

6. When a race is stopped during an event, NO ONE except speedway officials are allowed on track at any time.

7. If a wreck occurs on track, remain in the car unless a fire is present.

8. After an accident, if the driver is okay, signal by dropping the window net or raise a hand up outside the window.

9. No car is allowed on track without an ambulance present and the flagman on duty.

10. No car owner, driver, pit crew or spectator may cross the track during practice, time trials, or race.

11. Any car deemed to be of an unsafe condition will not be allowed to run.

12. All cars must be equipped with a 2-1/2lbs fire extinguisher in reach of the driver. An additional fire extinguisher must be in the pit with the team as well.

13. All roll bars must be padded anywhere within the driver’s reach.

14. Cars must have an electric kill switch in the middle of the dash where the driver can reach it.


Showtime Speedway has implemented the following rules for the safety of our drivers and the longevity of the racing surface in reference to ground clearance. There will be NO skid plates, rub rails etc attached to the cross members or frames of any racecars, be it aluminum bars, lead ballast, cross support MUST BE STEEL. Showtime Speedway will give a car three (3) laps for the air pressures to build up, if a car continues to bottom out and/or throw sparks after the initial three(3) laps, that car will be black flagged from the event.


1. Track officials may change general or class-specific rules within a one-week notice.

2. No antifreeze or color additives – water only.

3. No tire soaking. First offense you will have to start in the rear for the next event you attend. You will also lose your points and money for the night of the offense. Second offense you will be suspended for the remainder of the year.

4. No direct drives.

5. Automotive gasoline only. Gasoline may not be blended with alcohols, ethers, or any other oxygenates. It shall not be blended with aniline or its derivatives, nitro compounds, or other nitrogen-containing compounds. All divisions must use track Racing Fuel provided at the track. Stock classes shall use pump gas as found at any typical service station.

6. All cars will have forward and reverse gears in working condition.

7. Body alterations are limited to trimming for tire clearance. Cars basically will keep the stock appearance.

8. All cars must start the race with a hood. If damaged in the race, the hood may be removed.

9. No weight in the driver compartment except Four Cylinder. All weight must be bolted in securely with grade 8 fasteners and painted white with car number written on it.

10. Window nets required; net lock must be quick-release type. Nets must be up while on track.

11. Roll bars must be installed both front and rear:

11.1. (4) driver-side door bars and a minimum of (3) bars on the right side.

11.2. Minimum tube size 1-1/2, Chrome Moly or low carbon steel. (Iron Pipe) No galvanized tube or pipe.

12. All roll bars must be padded anywhere within the driver’s reach.

13. Drive shafts must have a 214 safety loop midway. Driveshafts must be painted white.

14. Cars must have an electric kill switch in the middle of the dash where the driver can reach it.

15. Fuel cells are required unless otherwise noted—minimum 10″ ground clearance under the fuel cell. A safety bar must be installed behind the fuel cell.

16. Fuel line must be routed safely for the driver and must be in conduit, close to the door.

17. Cars must have an approved steel firewall between fuel cell and driver. (Must be sealed front and rear).

18. Cars must have solid floorboards.

19. Exhaust must exit safely for the driver.

20. Battery must be located outside the driver’s compartment.

21. All cars must be equipped with a 2-1/2lbs fire extinguisher in reach of the driver. An additional fire extinguisher must be in the pit with the team as well.

22. Cars must have chains on the front and rear bumper for wreckers. (Optional)

23. Muffler is required for all divisions:

23.1. Must be installed where it can be easily inspected with a flashlight. If not, they may be removed for inspection.

23.2. Any mufflers that have been gutted or altered will result in a disqualification and loss of points and pay for that event.

23.3. Mufflers determined as being too loud at the discretion of the track officials will require replacement.

23.4. Exhaust must exit underneath the car, with the pipe turned down to the ground.

24. LUG NUTS: ALL wheel studs must have a lug nut firmly attached. If you have 4 studs=4 lug nuts, 5 studs=5 lugs nuts. Missing lug nuts will be grounds for disqualification.


1. All divisions must register car numbers through online registration or the payoff booth in the pit area.

2. Drivers from the previous season will also have to register, but have the first choice of car numbers.

3. If the car has not been registered, the Track Manger has the right to temporarily change the number. Any changes must be done before time trials and heat races. The Track Manager may also temporarily change the number to avoid duplication. Teams with the longest recognized use of the duplicated number will be given first choice to keep the number.

4. Car numbers must be 18″ on each side of the car, and on top facing the scoring tower.

5. Letters are permitted to distinguish between duplicate numbers. Letters must be on the car visible to race officials.


Please see Tech Inspection Page

Claiming Procedures

ALL Claims must be made to the head tech official in charge. NO claims will be accepted by any other officials (except Ford Division, see Ford Rules) within 15 minutes of end of the race. 

Any Car finishing in the top three (3) may fall under claim rules.

Any car finishing fourth (4th) and back and on the lead lap may claim one (1) of the top three (3) finishers.

The claim must be in writing with CASH funds (see class rules for dollar amounts), must specify exactly which car/item being claimed.

4a. A Claim on the shocks (one or all four) will be considered as one claim.

No driver may claim more than one (1) item on any one night of competition.

In the event of multiple claims on the same driver, the claiming driver with the worst finishing position will be the accepted claim of record


Driver is the sole spokesperson for the car/item being claimed and the first acceptance or refusal is final.

A driver may only be claimed and then sell 4 times in any current point’s season.

Any refusal will result in loss of all winning and points for the night. 2nd refusal will result in loss winnings for the night and ALL accumulated points for the current point’s season.

Showtime Speedway reserves the right to refuse any claim deemed to be a grudge claim.

Showtime Speedway reserves the right to claim any item and it will be an outright claim, NO exchanges. If a driver has filed a claim sheet on the same item as Showtime Speedway, the driver claim will have priority status.

Any buddy claims may result in both teams being disqualified.

Any sabotage to any claimed item is grounds for disqualification.

13a. Sabotage will be deemed as any attempt to alter car/items in any way from what that car/item was used in competition.

13b. Sabotage must be discovered at time of exchange.


1. All protests must be submitted to Tech in writing. State your name, team, team position, (owner or driver) and the car being protested, and reason.

2. Protest fee is $300 per car, cash only. $100 will go to track.

3. Only a car owner or driver may submit a protest.

4. If the protest is a visual item, it must be submitted no later than (1) hour before the main event.

5. If the protest occurs after the event, it must be acknowledged within (5) minutes after the race has ended in the tech area.

5.1. A protest can only be made against a car finishing directly ahead of the car/team filing the protest.

5.2. The owner or driver submitting the protest must be a competitor in one of the top (5) positions protesting another competitor in the top (5).

6. The team making the protest is subject to the same inspection as the car being protested.

6a. Any protest that is deemed a grudge/buddy/malice protest may be refused by Speedway Tech Official.

7.A protest can only be filed by Driver/Teams that have competed in 80% of the current seasons events. Visiting Drivers/teams are NOT eligible to protest.

8.1. No more than (2) team members being a car owner, driver, or pit crewman per team are allowed in the Tech area during a protest inspection.

9.2. Team members must remain by their respective cars at all times.

10. Points and pay will be lost for either car if found illegal.

11. Refusal to submit to a protest will result in a loss of points and pay for the event and suspension from the next racing event.

12. Decisions made by Track Officials will be final.

13. Matters not subject to protest:

A. Timing & scoring

B. Inspection decisions

C. Race procedure

Any rule or condition that is intentionally broken by anyone or gives a Car or Driver an unfair advantage as determined by a Track Official can result in loss of points, point penalty, loss of money, a fine of $50.00 to $500.00 and suspension. Will be determined solely by the Tracks discretion.


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